Seen & Heard: City cars towed from Reade Street

A. sent over this photo of a city car originally documented by V. being towed from Reade. Notice too how the car is being transported through a rainbow! Hopefully the first of many to come?

Assuming the rain stays away,  Roly Poly Guacamole will rock Washington Market Park tonight at 5:30p. Rain date is Sept. 19.

The Oculus Greenmarket moved outside as of this week and will be back out on the plaza every Tuesday from 7a to 7p. This past January, a move inside the Oculus allowed the market to stay open throughout the winter; it’s now a year-round Greenmarket. Here’s the line-up:

  • 1857 Spirits, Barbers Farm Distillery | Handcrafted potato vodka from Schoharie County, NY
  • Francesca’s II Bakery | Breads and baked goods from Middlesex County, NJ
  • Meredith’s Country Bakery | Baked goods from Ulster County, NY
  • Riverine Ranch | Water Buffalo meat and cheeses from Warren County, NJ
  • Roxbury Mountain Maple | Maple syrup and maple products from Delaware County, NY
  • Samascott Orchards, Nine Pin Ciderworks | Orchard fruit, strawberries, and cider from Columbia County, NY
  • Cedar Hill Farm, Kernan Farms | Fruits and vegetables from Cumberland County, New Jersey
  • Pet-al Plants | Plants and flowers from Camden County, New Jersey (starting on June 18th)
  • Savoie Organic Farm Certified Organic vegetables and potted plants from Gloucester County, NJ

It looks like Park Place is finally open, despite the signs that say it is not. The saga of 21 Park Place is far from over, however, with the surrounding buildings – including those on the south side of Murray — still unstable and unoccupied.



  1. 311 at work! I called them yesterday and ended being transferred to the police and giving them all the license plate numbers. They said they were waiting for a private tower to take those cars away, but that they’d follow up and make sure it was done right away. :)

    • Ha! Just saw the lengthy conversation preceding this…so looks like I just had lucky timing and they were ready to do something about it. Oh well, felt pretty good there for the moment.

  2. Wonderful news that the cars were finally moved. So absurd they could sit there for weeks without moving!

  3. One that was in front of Laser Away on Duane was removed last night as well.


    “City Hall has pulled the plug on its latest effort to tackle rampant placard abuse by municipal employees, shutting down the NYPD unit meant to enforce the most recent crackdown.

    “Officials said Friday they are axing all 116 positions that were dedicated to placard enforcement through attrition and zeroing out the unit’s $5.4 million annual budget — just a little more than a year after Mayor Bill de Blasio rolled out the effort to great fanfare. […]

    “The de Blasio administration also admitted in response to questions submitted early Friday that officials had yanked just five placards from city employees under de Blasio’s three-strike policy for placard abuse, which was another highly touted policy announced in City Hall’s February 2019 crackdown.

    “Warning letters are supposed to go out to another 389 city employees this week, Feyer said. That’s just a tiny fraction of the more than 125,000 parking placards in circulation in New York City.

    “Placards are only supposed to be used to help on-duty employees of city and state agencies to work more efficiently by allowing them to briefly park in places where most other drivers are barred from leaving their cars. […]”