Vending machine arrives in 1/2/3 station

What an odd sight to see a vending machine plopped down on the mezzanine of the Chambers Street 1/2/3. Turns out it is one of only three in the city — part of a two-year pilot program between the MTA and CVS. The other two will be installed at the Union Square station within the next few days. An expanded view will show you deodorant, beef jerky, toothpaste, cold sore cream, razors and Trojans, among other items.

According to the MTA spokesman: “The three machines will sell products in the categories of health and medicine, beauty and personal care, personal tech, and snacks. This is part of a broader effort to modernize retail offerings in the subway system.”

As for the human-powered newsstands at both Chambers Street stations (1/2/3 and A/C on the platform level), those leases were terminated for lack of payment. Within the next month, the MTA will advertise them again.

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  1. How soon before the machines are vandalized or broken into? Another dumb idea so that the MTA doesn’t have to deal with the real problems of the daily signal, switch, track, train and homeless /mentally ill people on the train.