River to River arts festival starts this week

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s annual festival of the arts downtown starts July 18 and has events and installations running through June 29. All events are free. There’s work by Yoko Ono, Pam Tanowitz, Jennifer Monson, Sarah Michelson, Nic Kay, Mark Epstein + Carol Becker, Ernesto Pujol, Drag Queen Story Hour, Elia Alba and Ezra Wube.

The River To River Festival presents live art and installation in public spaces and in partnership with leading institutions in Lower Manhattan. The 2019 program focuses on the theme of slowing down, reflecting and imagining. The projects presented in the festival this year include Pujol’s research into active listening, Monson’s movement-based foray into the city’s spatial rhythms and constraints, Ono’s visual invitations to think big, Kay’s durational meditation on emotional labor and Black Gotham Experience’s readdressing of skewed histories. Locations include Rockefeller Park, Pier 35, the Seaport District, Federal Hall, inside office buildings and on public plazas, over screens traditionally used for advertising and on rooftops overlooking the city.

See the schedule and detailed info here.