Pancake update: Bubby’s is closing for 10 to 12 weeks

Bubby’s will close for 10 to 12 weeks starting this Sunday, so get your licks in this weekend. The plan is to reopen for Sept. 1. “We’re ripping out the back of the house and then putting the back of the house back in,” said Ron Silver. There may also be some tweaks to the dining room…



  1. June 23 + three weeks does not equal Sept 1!

  2. So- Saturday is only day open this weekend? Or is it open Sunday too?

  3. What happened to Bar Cyrk?
    The sign says closed for renovation for past 2 years. Do they have any intention of reopening? Their blinds still up. I loved that pizza!

    • There’s an application for a liquor license for that location that is coming before the CB1 licensing committee in July, FYI.