Where in Tribeca?

These guys look to me like they are grumpy about something — maybe all the traffic…

And see the UPDATE below from Sonia Stock, who notes that when the cars come out onto Laight Street, the tunnel doors show these guys with a different expression and their mouths open! On the Greenwich Street side their mouths are closed. “Is that a coincidence, the in and out, open and closed? I wonder?” she adds.



  1. Hi Pam, this is located on the AC vent for the Holland Tunnel on the other side of Canal Street on Greenwich Street. It is on the front main entrance to the vent. I think this might be Soho here not Tribeca? best regards, Sonia Stock

    • Sonia is of course right about the building and its over-the-border location; I just thought I could get away with it since it’s just across the street…