In the News: Extending the Seaport historic district

From the Broadsheet: “Community Board 1 (CB1) is pushing to expand the legally protected Historic District that covers much of the South Street Seaport neighborhood, in order to put the brakes on development in areas currently not regulated by the City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission. CB1 then voted unanimously to enact a resolution calling upon the City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission to, ‘urgently expand the South Street Seaport Historic District to match the Federal Historic District Boundary.'”

108 The Store gets a shout-out from across the pond in The Irish Times: “It is immediately enticing and its mix of clothing, accessories, furnishings and pottery, many of them cult brands, have all been selected by a stylish eye.”

The Times had a story about how luxury apartment buildings are “activating” their community spaces with classes and projects, including this at the Jenga building: “There were classes in bouquet making by Uprooted, the mobile florist; a mommy-and-me tea party; and a tacos and tequila fiesta for Cinco de Mayo. Color therapy, involving an installation of light and sound, designed to treat stress, is scheduled for June.”

Rumor has it (via a tip from K.) that Mister Dips, soft serve and burgers sold out of — what else — an airstream trailer in Williamsburg, is opening an outlet at the Seaport. The ice cream spot is from the same folks who run the two restaurants out of the William Vale hotel.


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  1. It is called 180 The Store

  2. Pam,

    I know transitions are challenging. I give you a ton of credit for taking over a beloved institution like TC and, over time, putting your own stamp on it. I also recognize that, in order for you to continue to bring us interesting news about the goings on downtown, you have to have advertisers so that you have income.

    But I think this week’s legal notice crosses a line. It’s tacky, jarring to the eye and so out of character with all the other advertisements on the site. It’s great to read about and then maybe support businesses in the area. But this just seems unseemly. Obviously, one person’s humble opinion, but a strong enough one to get me to write.

    Thanks for listening and for the work you do to keep us informed.


    • The request surprised me as well and it took much back and forth to find an acceptable solution for me and for them. As you may know, death notices are required by the court when settling estates. They are very common in print newspapers. However, as you also likely realize, there is no longer a local print newspaper, so they found the TC instead. They could have done a sponsored post, but that had even less appeal to me.

      You are right that this site is a business and it makes money through its advertising — and for those advertisers I am very grateful. The site would not exist without them, quite simply. I did not solicit this ad or even encourage it, but I could not find a reason to give them an outright no.