Yoga studio coming to Greenwich and Harrison

Rumor has it that the former Giorgia space at 345 Greenwich will be a yoga studio; if anyone has any details, send along! By my count, that would make it the 16th yoga studios in the nabe (only counting boutique studios that predominantly offer yoga, versus gyms or bigger studios that offer tons of other classes, such as Equinox, or studios that offer barre or pilates). I wandered as far as Fulton, but no further south. Here’s what I came up with; help me fill in the blanks and I will update:
Core Power Yoga
Jill Everett Yoga and Pilates
Kula Yoga Project
Lyons Den Power Yoga
Reform Club Movement Studio
Sky Ting Yoga
Vera Yoga (Sweat Yoga)
Y7 Studio Tribeca
Yoga in Tribeca
Yoga & Pilates in Tribeca
Yoga Shanti
Yoga Spark
Yoga Vida

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  1. We need yoga studios around the civic center, financial district, and the seaport area, specifically a kundalini yoga studio. There are only three studios in manhattan dedicated to this type of yoga.
    There is A large influx of new apartments with people who need services and upscale grocers.

  2. I wonder how many of these yoga studios are legal places of physical culture on their certificates of occupancy, and how many are just running illegally in retail or commercial spaces.

  3. The Yoga studio that will open in the space at 345 Greenwich is called “Auto Body”. The company is still working on the inside but I was told it should open in the next few months. regards, Sonia Stock