Arcade Bakery will be closing — for good — in August

Folks, some very bad news, and this post from Erik Torkells to explain it further:

Back in town for a few days, I naturally made a stop at Arcade Bakery. And I was delighted to see founder Roger Gural sitting at one of the tables. But he had terrible news: Citing personal reasons, he’ll be closing the bakery in August. (Unless someone decides to buy it.)

I can still remember when I first heard about the place five years ago. Someone who works in the building tipped me off that a bakery was opening in the lobby, and that the delicious smell of baking bread was driving them to distraction. I didn’t get really excited until I saw the space, met Roger and learned about his background, and tasted the test baguettes he gave me. As I walked down Church Street, I tore off chunks and stuffed them into my mouth. It was as if I had never had a baguette before. My next stop was Mulberry & Vine, where I insisted that the owners try some of the bread, and I didn’t care if they were in a gluten-free phase. This was worth it.

Some businesses are gifts that the owners give us, pouring more in than they can hope to get out. While Arcade Bakery is definitely a viable business at this point, it was always far better than it had to be. The bakery made me feel joyful every time I entered. When I told Roger that it must’ve been hard to be so consistently excellent, he said there had been many bad days, but I never experienced one.

While I hope someone takes it over—and even makes it his/her own—I also want to take a moment to acknowledge how special Arcade Bakery has been. Thank you for everything, Roger.



  1. Erik, it was a pear baguette and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I am unbelievably saddened by this news. Thank you, Roger, for putting your heart and soul into Arcade Bakery – I tasted it with every chocolate croissant, every ham sandwich, and every single loaf of bread and baguette.

  2. Wow, I didn’t see this coming. This is an awful loss to the neighborhood. Roger I wish you well and thank you for all the delicious food you gave us over the years.

  3. But how can the quality remain the same without him even if bought out? ;(

  4. ufff…arcade is what nyc used to be about. a fanatic with passion who wanted to share his/her craft with others. id stop here every time i had a day off or was nearby.

  5. Thank you Roger. I wish you the best at whatever is next.

  6. I don’t know what to say. A friend sent me the link saying “I’m sorry for your loss,” and it does feel that way. This was such a special place, so infused with Roger himself and the love he put into the bread. I’d always introduce people to the place saying “You’re welcome,” and “I’m sorry,” at the same time. It simply spoils you for any other bakery.

  7. Eric–you are right about that first mouthful of baguette–that is exactly how I felt, like, “omg, this is what a baguette is about. Who knew?” They were amazing–always! Who gives a fuck about carbs when you have access to those?My kids pediatrician is in the next building with the ajoining lobby and they get a chocolate croissant after each visit, which is hands down the best in the city (and some countries as well). Arcade will be missed–will Roger be taking his magic anywhere else?

  8. How do we get in touch if we are interested in purchasing?

  9. This is awful. ROGER IS A MASTER BAKER ????????‍???? HAS
    MADE MY TRIPS TO NYC ???? BEARABLE. I might have to make a special trip from LA TO STOCK UP????????????????????????????‍????

  10. While walking thru the streets of Tribeca seeing empty store fronts I think another one bites the dust! All I want is endless bites of the magnificent everything at Arcade! So saddened to anticipate not having that delicious scent that engulfs you entering the door and walking out with the tastiest treats that make the day worthwhile. Wishing you good health and happiness and thank you for all the deliciousness!

  11. if Roger checks out:
    he’ll see that his & Tribeca’s pride’n joy can survive. This ret mechanic got diagnosed 30 yrs ago with RhArt, changed the diet/fuel on the advice of a cherished 86 yr old customer, by going vegan, esp Dairy-free…as well as adding supplements…voila! no RhArt, along with the chronic asthma, gut problems,allergies! Your car won’t run right if the gasoline is bad & neither will our bodies if the food we eat is mucus&acid producing plugging the filters that are the kidneys,liver,lymph. The drugs which were prescribed,even back then, had side effects which were much worse than the disease. Nowadays the drugs are lethal…just read the inserts.

  12. I am very sad to hear this. Arcade is one of my guilty pleasures and I cannot imagine it in the hands of anyone else.

  13. RIP to Arcade…the laminated baguette…now those were serious…

  14. I’m so gutted to read this.
    Roger, thank you for all you gave the neighborhood. And for keeping me well fed all these years! You’ll be so missed.

  15. So sorry to see my go to for hands downs the finest breads an croissants I work in the Washington market park an I hit this place at least twice a week so sad to see it go good luck with what you do Rodger

  16. Sad. Best loaf of pear bread ever. Bon chance! Song on!

  17. Oh, no! It’s one of Tribeca’s greatest treasures. Say it ain’t so! Where to begin? The babka. The best sourdough bread in New York City. The pizza. PLEASE.

  18. Christina, whoever you are, please buy it! Roger is often right in the bakery.

  19. Say it ain’t so!!!!!! The news of the Arcade sped through our building like a wildfire when it first opened. There was no sign for some time, and we feared that it would close or move before it got really going. No chance of that as the brilliance of every item sold found its way to market. We have rejoiced at trying every newe item, which, somehow, surpasses the old things, which are all superb. This will be a real loss. In the meantime, I’ll double my visits and pray for a miracle solution that leaves Roger and the Arcade in place as one of Tribeca’s wonderful secrets. If it is not to be, wishing you and your staff the best of luck and good fortune in the future – you’ll be long remembered.

  20. I feel like I just lost a dear friend. I am shook and sad.

  21. I’ve know Roger since he was conceived – spent time with him while he was growing up – tasted his out of this world bread when he just learned to bake – everything he did he did balls to the wall –
    The Arcade meant so much to so many – those who got to know Roger had nothing but great things to say about -him
    I took my wife to the Arcade (we live in Ohio) she had met Roger but never tasted his baking – she became an instant fan
    Hopefully someone will put a plaque thanking Roger for bringing a smile to so many faces at the Arcade’s entrance
    By the way Roger will flourish going forward and hopefully when I get to NY and see him – there will be a hot sourdough and of course a chocolate Badka waiting for myself and Chris (my wife)

  22. Absolutely gutted! I lived in France for 10 years and this was the closest I found in NYC to an authentic, all butter croissant. Life was good again. Walking into the bakery put a smile on my face every time. Can’t think of anywhere else that has the same effect.

    Roger, you really are a master of your art. Some would be happy to let someone else run the bakery while you sit back and reap the rewards rather than sell up. Would a drop in quality be the trade-off? Instead you are chosing to sell because you can’t be there yourself to oversee. I admire you for that.

  23. I’m so sad to see this. I had to go to Cornell Weill almost every day for a few weeks a few years ago, and I will never forget that warm, delicious smell wafting through the lobby and enticing me in for a hot coffee and pain au chocolat. I would look forward to the hospital visits because of Arcade! Thank you for the pride in your craft that we got to savor. You made a difference in my morning each time I came!

  24. I’m so sad to find this out – your baked goods are extraordinary. I dreamed of coming back and was so upset to see your were gone. But I have psoriatic arthritis and I get it entirely. I hope you can achieve remission and bake to your heart’s content. You are exceedingly talented.