Canyon of Heroines: US Soccer takes to the streets

We will ever get tired of this crew? The US Women’s National Soccer Team made its way from the Museum of Jewish Heritage to the Battery and up the Canyon of Hero(ine)s to City Hall Park, where the mayor gave them all keys to the city (and Carli Lloyd noted that they now may have to change the locks). Some Downtown Soccer League girls gathered before the parade started with league president Eileen Montague and VP Troy Washington, as the team boarded the floats in Battery Park City. The streets were packed, the confetti recycled and the parade-watchers were considerably less drunk than when the Giants came to town. I don’t always feel this way, but this was one of those days where I was glad everything happens downtown. A few great pics from the Downtown Alliance included here with thanks to photojournalists Adam Hunger and Jason DeCrow and a great bird’s-eye view from J. to sum it up.