&pizza opens 36th store in Financial District

I won’t rush to judgement — well, scratch that. DC-based (what??) hit pizza chain (36 stores and counting) &pizza opened a store this week in the Financial District at 63 Wall. The pizza is made fresh and then flash-baked in three minutes while you wait. The pizzas are oval and a bit more than a foot long. Thereโ€™s gluten free and ancient grain crusts. Did I mention it is DC-based?

But seriously, this from Forbes on founder Michael Lastoria who puts a priority on paying his workers a living wage: “As CEO and Co-Founder of &pizza, which now has 36 locations throughout the East Coast, Lastoria champions his employees (aka โ€œthe Tribeโ€). The Tribe is not only the face of the brand, but the backbone of the business. In his mission to pay the &pizza staff a livable wage, Lastoria has been a vocal member of the fight for state and federal minimum wage increases.”

Something a little different, I would say. More TK.



  1. Any place that makes pizza w/pineapple will never, ever see me.

  2. Why the surprise that it’s DC based? Most fast casual, including Sweetgreen and Cava, started there or in the surrounding suburbs.

  3. I got a sample walking by the opening. They should stay in DC

  4. I think there’s one of these places on 28th Street near B’way. Their pizza is really good – terrific concept that works in practice.

  5. Washington, DC has a long history of amazing pizza, notably Coppi’s, which didn’t make the below list, and Vace: