David Adjaye tower in Fidi tops out — at 800 feet

At the risk of supporting the supertalls, the latest photos of (Sir) David Adjaye’s tower at 130 William show why he’s been knighted. (His other notable works: the National Museum of African American History and Culture in DC, the National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in London and the Studio Museum in Harlem.

130 William is now 66 floors and 800 feet, rising over Fulton Street. Like some other new buildings in the neighborhood, the facade is masonry rather than glass, and it’s just refreshing. The facade is hand-cast concrete with giant arched windows that have bronze frames. On the inside, Adjaye custom-designed all the fixtures — the faucets, the showerheads, the door handles. (Of less interest to the rest of us who don’t get to live there, but I still have to note: there’s an IMAX movie theater and a golf simulator and a pet spa in the building.)

It’s worth watching the video below to see Adjaye talk about his development in Harlem. You start to see the knighthood thing come into focus.



  1. Great video, and he sounds like a truly caring person. Thanks for sending it.

  2. We’re lucky to have his brilliant work in our part of town. When the Harlem project was completed I recall the preservationist cadre getting all blue in the face, calling it a “monolith” and an eyesore, and whining about how it didn’t fit the neighborhood vernacular. I couldn’t help becoming depressed by their petty, meaningless preoccupations, but it quickly passed when I saw the interiors of this wonderful building.