Canal Street Oysters poised to open soon

Thanks to J.’s keen observation skills and great pics, we have a peek into Canal Street Oysters, the latest project of Broome Street Hospitality, aka the Martignetti brothers, at 285 W. Broadway. Can’t think of a better corner to activate (well, maybe we could, but still, this is a great one to bring back to life — though maybe too much life for some neighbors, see below) and it looks like it will be open soon. (And of course, you can read Tom Miller’s post on the building’s history in the meantime.)

The pair started in 2007 in Soho with Southside and Brinkley’s, the latter of which served exclusively New York State wine and beers. The brothers closed those two in 2017, when Eater described them this way: “The two bars functioned as veritable meat markets, usually packed with financial types on the hunt.” Their restaurants now include The East Pole, The East Pole Fish Bar, Eastfield’s and two Pizza Beaches.

This location might be a bit of a hybrid, since the license they scored from CB1 last May gets them some late nights: 2 a.m. Sunday through Wednesday and 4 a.m. Thursday through Saturday. The proprietors said then there wouldn’t be a dance floor—instead, they’re putting a big round bar where Haus (the previous nightclub in this space) had dancing. But while they won’t “promote dancing,” they also won’t commit to prohibiting it.