Teresa Tarmey has (re)opened on Duane Street, for good

When Teresa Tarmey first planted a flag in Tribeca last summer, she had been working in New York with private clients for five years but had not fully committed to the city. With this new (re)opening on Duane Park, she’s fully open to the public, with a therapist she’s trained since 2016 and her range of retail products. Both the construction and the staffing took longer than she’d hoped, but, well, welcome to New York.

“It’s hard to find someone who’s on the same page,” she said of the therapists she hires for her salons. “They are working under my name, but forget the name, they are working with people’s bloody faces!”

She was training as a beautician while she was suffering from her own case of acne, and went about trying to fix it. Not long after she had opened her own place in Sheffield (22 years ago) and then moved it to a Kensington townhouse in London (11 year ago) and will soon have a flagship opening in the Belgravia neighborhood of London. (They are all small shops, and the one in Tribeca will stay that way as well.) Along the way she became a celebrity facialist as well, in demand not just in London but also the Maldives and the Vivamayr spa in Austria. She’s a perfectionist, but she’s also super charming and energetic and just not using a cliché when she says skin care is her passion. This is her life, and from what I could tell, she loves it.

Tarmey says her clinic works in the sweet spot between facials and dermatology. “You have the regular facial with cleaning and brightening, and you have the dermatologists with lasers – we are in between. Results, with love.” And the Tribeca store has her retail product as well – a 12-week microneedling kit that you use at home. “We educate our clients to take care of their skin on their own.”

She’s also planning to move here and shift her New York-to-London ratio in favor of Tribeca, which she said had the feel she wanted for a shop – “a lovely retail area without looking like retail.”

Watch for a big, fun opening in early fall.

Teresa Tarmey
177 Duane Street
(212) 381-0400