Looking Back: Harrison Street at night, in the ’40s

From the collection of A. Mogyorosy, who has lived here since 1977, a few pictures of Harrison Street and the Washington Market. Each photo is labeled with the date; in them we travel from the ’40s to the ’80s. More TK from the collection, I hope, as A. sorts through her old neighborhood slides and contact sheets. (These are A.’s captions below, underneath the image.)

Washington and Harrison streets looking south, 1945. Shot from above where the 40 Harrison St. garage is now. Photo by Herbert Gahr/Life/AP. This photo was probably widely published. Below that is the original AP copy for it. White stripes are crop marks.

338 Washington St., NW corner at 46-48 Harrison St., 1945. Also where 40 Harrison St. garage is now. Photograph by Weegee/ICP (Arthur Fellig) the noted nighthawk crime photographer. Published in PM newspaper November 11, 1945. Harrison Street sign is visible on the upper right corner of photo. PM offices and plant were on the southwest corner of Duane and Hudson streets where TD Bank was recently.

Harrison Street looking west toward Hudson Street. Photo by Sid Kaplan, 1983. Luckily few things have changed since.



  1. Photo #3 is looking east

  2. Less than 30 years later, the corner of Washington and Harrison looked like this Click on the seventh image in the gallery to see the same corner.

    Here’s another image of the same corner taken less than 10 years later, from the collections of the MCNY.

    And a different angle of the same corner, and much of the rest of central Tribeca from 1967 by Danny Lyon. You can see more photos of what would become Tribeca from that time, as well as further east, in his amazing book.