Where in Tribeca?

This little pacman ghost is hovering above your head, watching. Comment below if you know where he hangs out. (And I am assuming someone will tell me that this is *not* a pacman ghost, but in fact Karl Marx.) Once again, this is brought to you by the keen eye of Sonia Stock, who’s on the other side of the game for the summer to give the rest of us a fighting chance.

Dexter got it: Reade and Greenwich. And he had this great explanation: “That’s the French street artist Invader and he has done 100s of mosaic tiles all over the city. This piece was destroyed years ago and restored recently. The same group recently restored another invader on Duane and Hudson.”

And here’s Invader’s own description of himself and his work: “I define myself as an UFA, an Unidentified Free Artist. I chose Invader as my pseudonym and I always appear behind a mask. As such, I can visit my own exhibitions without any visitors knowing who I really am even if I stand a few steps away from them. Since 1998, I have developed a large scale project, code name: Space Invaders. It is first of all about liberating Art from its usual alienators that museums or institutions can be. But it is also about freeing the Space Invaders from their video games TV screens and to bring them in our physical world.”

Love it.

And finally, Sonia’s context shot:




  1. Reade and greeenwich
    That’s the French street artist Space Invader and he has done 100s of mosiac tiles all over the city.
    This piece was destroyed years ago and restored recently. The same group recently restored another invader on Duane and Hudson.

  2. I think there are 2 of this. One is on the corner of the building a 166 Duane. The other is on the corner of that narrow bulidingon Greenwich and Reade.

  3. Dexter, yes you are correct they are all over the city and multiple in Tribeca. There is one on the parking lot ground located on the corner of Worth and Hudson that is a little different! Thanks for the information. I always wondered where they originated from, regards, Sonia Stock

  4. Reade and Greenwich st. North side on the wall. Just restored.

  5. Yes, keep your eyes open, you may see more in the city (for Manhattan usually Chelsea and points south). Next time you head a little north you’ll see a large one off west street on pier 40 – first pic here: https://viewing.nyc/here-are-some-of-invaders-latest-mosaic-street-art-installations-in-nyc/

    You’ll also see a lot of damaged partial invaders or fully removed. The artist makes 2 of every piece: one goes on the street and the other is sold through a gallery for tens of thousands of dollars. Some will try to remove the street piece thinking they have value, but they don’t. There’s no paperwork that authenticates a street piece, and it’s just tiles which anyone can buy so there’s no proof it came from the artist.

    There’s a group that is taking it on themselves to restore the pieces, which is great, and is the case in this piece. It’s a shame most pieces have been damaged or removed since they have no value anyway, just lots of misinformation.