Crowd Sourcing: Inexpensive co-working spaces downtown

J. wrote to say that Sarabeth’s is the latest addition to KettleSpace, the fleet of restaurants that open their doors in the off hours to people with laptops. Distilled has participated for a couple years as part of the same network. The fee there is $25 a month for 10 hours, or $99 for unlimited. So putting aside the global behemoth that is WeWork, I wanted to see what folks know of other co-working spaces that come in at a lower price point. (Just as a benchmark, a WeWork hotdesk at 205 Hudson is $530 a month.)

The company Spacious is much the same, and while Tutto Il Giorno was on their list last year, now the closest spot is Bar Primi at 325 Bowery in Noho (at 2nd Street).

I joined LMHQ— the Downtown Alliance’s subsidized co-working and event space at 150 Broadway — for $150 a year, and I pay $20 per visit. I can always upgrade to the unlimited deal, which is $2,250 a year — or for the math challenged (I used a calculator), $187 a month for a hotdesk.

What else is out there?



  1. I’m a huge fan of KettleSpace. It’s fantastic as long as you don’t need the resources that come with the more expensive options (conference room, mailing address, a printer.)

    Select Office Suites is another one to check out – their closest location is in the FiDi. I’m not sure what their prices are, but the space is nice, if a little less “cool kid modern” than WeWorks tends to be.

  2. Check out Croissant, which is an app that has a similar pricing model to KettleSpace. They have deals with LMHQ, The Yard, and a bunch of other places in Fidi. They used to work with Servcorp in 1WTC but no longer. Deskpass is a similar app.