Friends of Finn Square: Making the most of 1/10th of an acre

The Friends of Finn Square — the tiny traffic triangle just south of the Franklin Street station — has launched a new website and is now trying to build its board and enhance the plantings there. (The mystery bench is still just that.) They are now a non-profit, have a small board of volunteers and are looking to increase their numbers — both in dollars and in human power.

The goal: raise $10K in order to pay for new fencing, irrigation infrastructure, a new tool box, and a better ground cover. The Parks Department provides soil, mulch and compost, and helps deal with the rat population and removes the trash once a week. There’s also the goal of getting the sidewalks around the triangle repaved through the Department of Transportation.

If you are interested, get in touch via the website or with the info below. “We could use anyone with talent, time and treasure to contribute,” said Patty Aakre.

Friends of Finn Square



  1. And more benches!

  2. The gentrification of Finn Square.

  3. Every bit of green space counts!
    Keep up the great work

  4. One of the many rich celebrities living in Tribeca could give the $10K easily and it would be a tax deduction.

    • So true!! I remember the old days when our small donations kept Greenwich Street nice, neat and tidy with well cared for planters…

      • Why don’t celebrities solve all our problems (aka eyesores)? So selfish of them not to gentrify this neighborhood and all of its public spaces. What happened to all of those “Native Tribecans” that thought Tribeca was so much better when it wasn’t so much better??!! Note – Donations to the Friends of Finn Square’s Ponzi scheme are tax deductible for all Tribecans (aka Tribecant’s) not just rich celebrities. Who are the Friends of Finn Square? Asking for an IRS friend.

        • Jim,
          For your information, the people working hard on Finn Square are long time residents of Tribeca. Their intentions are not to ‘gentrify’ the park, but to keep it looking nice and to keep some much needed green space around the neighborhood. This can not happen without donations, be it from ‘celebrities’ or not.
          This is not a Ponzi Scheme as you put it, but rather locals who want to keep things looking good, and Finn Square needs a little help at the moment.
          It is unnecessary for you to write these comments that are totally unfounded and completely negative.

          • My bad, Sam. It was a typo. I meant to type Fonzie Scheme (Google it).
            I sure hope you’re better at collecting donations than you’re at detecting sarcasm.
            Might be helpful to provide information on the FFS group – its founders, officers, board of directors, is it a 501c3? Celebrities’ accountants like to know these basic things when donations are being solicited.
            I am starting a new group to beautify Tribeca and/or my apartment called Friends of Jim Smithers. I will only accept laundered cash in brown envelopes slid under my door under the cover of darkness.

  5. Thank you Sam for defending the Friends of Finn Square which has been around for over twenty years, just trying to keep things green and flowers blooming for the neighborhood. We do have a small board whose credentials you will be able to find at our website, The three board members and any volunteers who would like to pitch in are most welcome to weed, keep the garden clean, and do other unglamorous things not requiring donations.

    However, if you were interested in donating, the Friends of Finn Square is a 501c3 organization, so any donations are tax deductible.