In the News: Clock Tower building now being occupied

Cooperator reports that residents are moving into 108 Leonard. (And while there is one penthouse apartment listed at $11.5 million, it doesn’t seem to include the clock itself. That PH is yet to come online.) Preservationists tried, and subsequently failed, to prevent the clock tower from being turned into a penthouse.

The Wag dog walker who swiped a Battery Park City couple’s shih-tzu-yorkie pup in June was sentenced to 10 days of community service, according to The Post. Christian Madriaga took the dog with the intention to gift it to a friend when detectives found him at his home in Queens. It didn’t take long since the whole caper was caught on the building’s security camera.

The Journal covers the squirrel debacle in Battery Park City, noting that the city proposed a ban on feeding squirrels and pigeons earlier this year that would fine people $50 if they are caught.

Crain’s reports that the OMNY fare system now being piloted at the Brooklyn Bridge 4/5/6 (and other stops) has reached 1 million rides in 2.5 months, but whether it can expand to start serving the entire system is another matter. Who’s used it? Fill us in.

The Street has a trivia feature that has readers guess a city location. Shouldn’t take you long, especially if you spreken Dutch.



  1. OMNY inherits a lot of the capabilities of the Suica/PASMO system in Japan… once registered on your phone, you can tap/go. OMNY superior in a number of ways, most significantly that you can use your phone/watch and use the default credit card in your digital wallet to pay as well. On the iPhones, if registered as an Express Transit pass, you can use tap in without unlocking your phone or watch.

    Too bad the rest of the subway system is crap. Eliminating the Metrocard is a good thing and makes it super convenient to enter the bowels of hell.

  2. I’ve used it a couple of times, with both a credit card and the app on my phone. Pretty straight forward and easy. I’d use it everyday if half of my commute (coming back home) was from a station that doesn’t have it. It’s just too annoying to try to keep track of two separate transit expenses (metrocard and omny) at this point.

    • meant to say .. if half of my commute *wasn’t from

    • I’ve yet to figure out the expense part as well. I spend a lot of time in Japan, and so I’m used to using phone/SUICA there, but when I’m here and working for my company (there) I’m reimbursed for fares, which add up to a lot over time. Until I sort out how to create a separate receipt for business-related fares, the old-fashioned Metrocard is my only choice.

  3. are you Effern kidding me. Scumbag steals a dog and tries to regift it and get 10 days community service. they basically kidknapped someones family member and will do it again. Who in the hell sentenced these people. Put this lowlife is prison. you dont steal someones kids…i dont get it. Someone screwed up big time and hope it falls on them…not acceptable at all and someone needs to address this again now…..and then i will tell you how i really feel about steeling a family pet

  4. I worked in the “clock tower” building aka 346 Broadway in 1981. I remember the curved bank of elevators and the full open floors. A fun building to go to everyday.