Where in Tribeca? A Labor Day treat

As a last hurrah for her summer residency, I am running these shots from Sonia Stock not because they will stump you seekers, but because they are just so gorgeous and are cast from one of the more special parts of our Tribeca streetscape. Kids, jump in here. I know you know it.

A big thanks to Sonia for her work on and attention to Where in Tribeca? all summer long. No one knows the details better than she!

Neighbor got it, congrats! and a clue to all of you wondering who the neighbor is: she knows full well what the kids’ schedules are around here, and has for a couple decades…

Here are the answers, and more thanks to Sonia for the shots.



  1. P.S. 234 playground fence Chambers and Greenwich St

  2. Dear Neighbor, Congratulations for correctly identifying this as the school fence of PS234! Well done, Regards, Sonia Stock