The kids are back in town: first day of school netted (mostly) smiles

Local photog Claudine Williams and I made the rounds yesterday morning, catching kids coming to school for Day One with a lot of broad smiles for their reunions with classmates. Greenwich Street was a parade of sparkly backpacks going south, and a few minutes later, a parade of (relieved? misty-eyed?) parents heading back north. There was PS 234 principal Dana Rappaport greeting kids and parents at the gate; PS 150 principal Jenny Bonnet getting swarmed by students; and PS 89 parent coordinator Connie Schraft and phys ed teacher James Herlihy greeting kids as they filed in from the fields. (Click on any image to watch the slideshow.)

Welcome back, folks!




  1. My son is in the downtown soccer league this season, they had their first game this past weekend. Saw kids wearing jerseys sponsored by Tribeca Citizen. Sorry I didn’t get a picture but just wanted to say thank you for the sponsorship! :)

    • Sure thing! I’d love to see the team in action, so keep an eye out for me, TM. I didn’t get to see “my” DLL team last spring either. And I love seeing TC in print. ;)

    • (and I have a kid in the league too, and a husband as a coach, so see you on the fields!)

      • Cool. Will try to take pictures for you next time. Thank you to your hubby for coaching. It’s a lot of work. See you guys on the fields. :)

  2. any updates on the status and expected opening of the new elementary school at 67 Greenwich St (Robert & Anne Dickey House). Even the name of the school?