Firmdale to operate 86 Warren hotel

My sources tell me that the hotel being developed at 86 Warren will be part of the Firmdale hotel chain — picture the Crosby Street Hotel in Soho and the Whitby in Midtown — giving Warren Street a new angle on cool. (Or at least cool for tourists.) The chain’s hotels are mostly in London — the Ham Yard, Haymarket, Soho, Charlotte Street and Covent Garden — at about $500 pounds a night for a regular room. A night at the Crosby in October looks to be about $1000. (If you need a room this Saturday, it’s $4000, so best to stay home.)

The architect on file also designed the Crosby, so it will be pretty. And all the Firmdale hotels have swanky restaurants, so assuming that will be part of the scene here too? Plans filed with the city call for an 11-story hotel with some residences for a grand total of 70 units and a building height of 135 feet with a mixed use of commercial (the hotel at 44,000 square feet) and residential (at 11,000 square feet). The structure will be concrete (vs. steel or masonry).


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  1. This hotel has been a HORRIBLE neighbor already. Air horns and sawing start at 7 AM – ON SATURDAYS! – and I get home tonight to more sawing, concrete trucks, and construction crew whistling and yelling AFTER 9 PM (they do have a permit from 6-9PM today and tomorrow.) I simply cannot imagine what they will be like once they’re open! Completely disrespectful of all of us and local laws.