Some more bar and restaurant news from CB1

Lots of action this month at CB1’s Licensing & Permits Committee, not the least of which is the news that longtime chair Jeff Ehrlich is leaving the board at the end of the month. In my few months of covering the committee, he was the good humored, good natured and intelligent voice at the head of the table. I am sure the community board is not happy he is retiring. Co-chair Susan Cole will step into his spot. “No one is him,” she said about Jeff after his announcement.

It’s been years — three?? — since Buddha Bar first started seeking approvals for its space at 62 Thomas. And because it’s taken so long to get this development off the ground, the bar’s reps had to come back for another round of SLA approvals after the last ones expired. The bar is now split in two with a total occupancy of 291: two thirds at Buddha Bar and one third at the restaurant, Assunta Roma. Several neighbors showed up to make sure the bar will have ample security on the street to keep crowds and black cars moving. The bar agreed to the same stipulations they came up with last time:
* no queuing outside (no velvet ropes)
* no sub woofers
* speakers must be hung on springs
* the sound limiter must be locked by the sound engineer and not accessible to staff
* open till midnight on weekends

N. already noted this in comments, but here’s the official word: Marc Forgione is opening a second FOURTH (I was corrected) local place in the former Brushstroke space. There’s no name yet, and they are a year out from opening. More details soon, I hope.

Attraversa, on West Bway and White, was approved for a tiny but sweet sidewalk spot tucked between their stoop and the neighbor’s — enough for three tables.

Fosun’s will open a 520-seat food hall underground at 28 Liberty. (There are three levels below grade there — this is the first level, on the same plane as the Noguchi garden. The movie theater will be underneath.) The plan is to be open for breakfast starting at 6a and as late as 1a on the weekends. Their lease allows them to rent the full space out only 10 times per year; otherwise the food hall is designed to serve the 4000 folks working upstairs.

After three hours, I tossed in the towel, but as I left, the committee members were taking the Convene people to task for showing up with a too-thin, too-late traffic proposal for their giant venue at the former Saks space in BPC. Watch the Broadsheet for more details — he stayed till the end.



  1. Jeff will be missed. A true gentleman who always kept a solid perspective.

  2. Wouldn’t this be Marc Forgione’s 3rd restaurant in the neighborhood?

    • That’s my thought, there’s already american cut and self named marc forgione. You can maybe count khe-yo as one of his former chefs too, I’m sure it isn’t coincidental that they’re next to marc forgione…

    • Hopefully the new MF restaurant is a bit more affordable than his namesake restaurant. We need more everyday, affordable restaurants in our neighborhood! We do not need more destination restaurants. Tribeca’s selection of shops and restaurants sucks when it comes to affordability.

  3. Jeff was a true benefit to the community. I thank him heartily for his help.

  4. I’ve heard rumors of a wine bar/coffee shop going into the old ‘Just Baked’ space on W. Broadway. Any confirmation of that?

    • They were supposed to be at this week’s CB1 meeting, but they postponed till next month. No idea what the proposal is, only that they want a liquor license.

  5. Jeff Ehrlich has done so much good, with such grace.

  6. Re Jeff Erlich: i second the emotions expressed by all above!

  7. Jeff is and was a paragon on CB1. He is very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and always constructive. He has been a great help to myself and the residents of Reade Street.

  8. Jeff owes us no explanation but his absence leaves a huge void. I’ve been on the Bd forever (since the 1980s)and Jeff came aboard at my request, as District Leader. Profoundly even/handed, never with an agenda, he served our community
    with nothing but honest goodwill. I echo Sue. He will not easily be replaced but I cry out to the Citizen readership: step up! Join your Community Board. It’s your time to volunteer.

    • No one is asking for an explanation from Jeff, Jean. Stop making it about you – “and Jeff came aboard at my request.” Loft laws are ridiculous. Grifter!

      • Dear Jim,
        Not to disagree as everyone loves Jeff. But I submitted Jeff’s name after he gave me his permission to do so to the Required elected official who interviewed him and placed him on the board. This was when The Tribeca Committee had a vacancy and Jeff was doing consulting work with us. I’ve only asked two people to join the board. Both have now stepped down this year and our community is much the loser. I have no doubt you wanted Jeff as well. How lucky we both got our wish.
        Sorry if some of old timers rant too much. Soon we will be gone.

        • Jean, “soon we will be gone”?!! – PLEASE don’t do anything rash! Step away from the edge! Come on inside and let’s talk about this!
          Thanks to you & Jeff for all you do and/or have done over the years!! Hopefully, Taylor Swift or Ed Burns will donate a bench or a bag or two of triple-shredded mulch to Finn “Square” in your honor.

          • I learn as much in the comments, as I do from the content of TC!

            So what’s up above with the Jim Smithers vs Jean Grillo back-n-forth? Backstory please…