Neighbors frustrated over latest film shoot offense

It’s one thing to take over nearly every block of commercial parking in the neighborhood, but the production company behind this week’s shoot of “FBI” went a bit too far by setting up trucks on alternate side parking streets — and a lot of them. According to CB1 Quality of Life Committee member Marc Ameruso, they took parts of Beach, N. Moore and Franklin — almost half the street parking stock in the neighborhood.

In the past, the community board has asked applicants, some of whom are real regulars (“Billions”, “Ray Donovan”), as a courtesy to minimize the use of ASP streets and put their holding trucks and craft services trucks, etc., in nearby commercial parking. But the community board cannot require that they do so.

“The film permit is a privilege, not a right,” said Ameruso. “The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment continues to issue permits without fully understanding the impact. Why should there be a massive disruption to the neighborhood for the convenience of a film production company?”

As a street parker myself, I have to agree, even though parking is not a right for us either, the needs of a film company should not trump the needs of the neighborhood. And as always, we are completely overrun by film crews and there seems to be no acknowledgement of that from the city. The day Marc called, I happened to be walking from Laight to Chambers and passed four separate shoots. There has got to be another neighborhood with cobblestone streets. Hello, Red Hook?


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  1. I hate these film shoots and wanted to reach out to you guys and the other press. Films shoot companies have been taking over the streets of tribeca daily for years and years. I live on church and Duane and its so damn annoying these signs go up everyday. The people are annoying. Have blocked my bldg doors, smoking in front of our doors. leaving garbage all over the streets…I have called many times the douchbag location scout phone number most of the times names “TOM” and they never answer or call back. These guys cause massive traffic in tribeca, block fire trucks sometimes, block the black boxes so cant see the walk or stop sign, etc. Yesterday the damn cones blocked all of church street and the city sanitation truck that cleans the curbes and streets couldnt get to it. That is absurd….Ticket them like you ticket the regular folks like me. Absurd that this mayor who grants these shoots permits is few blocks down. Send one of those corrupt lazy politicians to walk the streets up and down in tribeca. please…I will give you a damn tour.
    The cone guys—-great job they have. most assholes barely employed and homeless most of the time hanging and making noise all times of night hanging with their family or whatever they are. Its so damn annoying…And they dont clean up or take down any of the yellow/orange/whatever color signs they heavily tape on anything they can find(light polls, cones, street signs, fire hyrants.) Its disgusting and it is their lazy ass responsibility to take every sign down and dispose of in the garbage. But 90% of time the streets of Tribeca are covered with fill shoot sign crap…Go check it out…Tribeca is supposed to be like the most expensive place to live and a nice place to bring up a family but sure looks like a shithole mostly because of these film shoot people.
    Not only did NYC DOT take away every damn spot in tribeca so not one person can park on any street anywhere in tribeca but low life city employees, they double park and cause constant back ups and traffic. Its not right and wonder why we all hate the Mayor…Cost 600+ dollars a month to park in a garage for me because the city thinks they are better than the long term tax payers. They dont force me to live here but being here since 1998 in same apartment I am so sick of the city and how little they care about the taxpaying people or the film business.
    If you want to know how i really feel would be more than happy to bring this up and put penalties of like 10k per sign that is left up. I bet the city will be spotless after that….and if they catch a sign after shoot is over they cannot apply for permits for 1 to 3 years. Lesson learned IMO
    Will be more than happy to speak with any reported and blow this up….I really hate these companies with a passion…