Nosy Neighbor: What’s happening with the Jeff Koons sculpture at 7 WTC?

H. writes: “Balloon Flower has gone missing for over a year. Any ideas? He’s very tacky … but I really miss it.”

I totally agree on all fronts with H. — and here’s hoping “he” (let’s go with it) will be back soon. It has indeed been a year since the sculpture was removed. The building’s PR agent says it is being refurbished by the artist in Europe and while they don’t have a timeline for its return, it seems that is the intention. But I am also a bit confused by this response since Koons lives and works here in the city (but maybe his fabricator is in Europe??)

The Balloon Flowers are part of Koons’ Celebration series, and are made from mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating. If you recall, ours was red, but they also came in blue, magenta, yellow and orange. The 9-foot sculpture was installed in 2006 in what is actually called Silverstein Family Park, designed by Tribeca’s own Ken Smith. David Dunlap had this review of the unveiling, along with this nice comment from David Childs of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, which designed 7 World Trade: “We thought everybody would walk by it and smile.”



  1. I LOVE this sculpture and miss it terribly. I too had inquired earlier this year and was told that the fountain was being repaired and so they took the opportunity to refurbish the sculpture as well, but that it would definitely return. I’m hoping it does and soon!

  2. Personally, I’m not a fan of this series in Koons’ work, but I’m always a fan of public art. I’d love to see it – or someone else’ work return to that space but if they aren’t going to maintain it (the Koons sculpture was nearly always a muddy, smeared and dirty mess), I’d happily volunteer to join a rotating roster of neighbours in working to keep it tidy. In any event… hooray for art! Thanks for the insights, TriBeCa Citizen pals.

  3. Well here we are a year later. I guess it’s never coming back sadly. What a shame to have an empty fountain out front now.