New Kid on the Block: Stephén Seo

To visit Stephén Seo’s hidden gem of a fitting room is to immerse yourself in his design sense. The space is as meticulous as the bespoke suits, with the same winks and not-too-subtle charm. It’s bold, sophisticated and lush. Then there are the suits themselves. Picture Jeremy Piven on “Entourage” and you’ll have a vision of Seo’s work. He dressed the entire ensemble for seasons seven, eight and nine, as well as the movie – making sure every pocket square, every silk lining, every button was in place for each of Ari’s tirades and more. (Perhaps the suit makes the star.)

“Whenever my clients wear my suits, they become very photogenic,” says Seo, who of course looks impeccable, but still would not allow me to take his picture. He wasn’t about to relinquish control of the image.

Seo was raised in South Korea and moved here as a 21-year-old to go to Pratt for communication arts. His first job at J. Walter Thompson had him working for clients such as Rolex, Waterworks and Tanqueray; needless to say, suit required. But he could never find one that fit him the way he wanted. So on a trip to London, he engaged a Saville Row tailor and tweaked the design, adding colorful buttons and a slightly modified fit.

His friends noticed, and soon he was taking orders, designing custom suits and along the way, teaching himself the trade. After 18 years in the ad industry, he finally answered the call and started his company. He’s the designer and creative director; expert tailors wield the needles.

Seo makes the foundations of each suit in China and finishes them here in the city. The price depends largely on the fabric, and ranges from $1090 to $1990. All Seo’s suits are made from layers of canvas, horsehair and wool, the latter of which comes from either Italy or Scotland. (With the Scots, he says, “you know where the hair is coming from – the sheep are right there in their backyard.”) The buttonholes are exclusively Milanese.

He’s created a signature style – the first button is a little lower, the V in the suit’s neckline is a little deeper, the pockets point a bit higher. The result: the wearer looks a bit more broad shouldered, more masculine. And above all, he follows his own classical instincts. He wants each suit to last its owner decades.

“The more I learn, the more I realize men’s fashion does not change that much. I never want to be influenced by trends. Classic styling is timeless.”

Stephén Seo
356 Broadway (Leonard and Franklin)
212-334-3320 or 646-338-2927




  1. Beautiful work. Glad you are in the neighborhood. Welcome.

  2. Do I really need a luxury tie that says, if I read it correctly, Bugger Off?

    • Dear George,

      Our bespoke ties, which produce in Lake Como, Italy can embroidery your own monograms and personal inscription in the back of tie. And size can be also customized depending on clients’ height.
      It is truly personalized elegance and a great gift item for someone special.
      Ready to Wear Ties (without inscription) are also available in the store.
      Hope to meet you soon.

      Best regards,

  3. Bugger off, Stephén

  4. Stephen,

    I love the tie and your suits! Your craftsmanship is second to none.


  5. I just bought a suit from Stephén. It is impeccable and luxurious with a more modern fit that I should have been wearing. He has a great eye. He did not push any style or fabric that was too adventurous, and engaged in no up-selling since his suits are already bespoke. Fantastic.