Tribeca Wines & Spirits opens on West Broadway

More news on West Broadway: Tribeca Wines & Spirits, which was kicked out of its longtime (since 1996) space at 327 Greenwich at Duane, has moved to the northeast corner of West Broadway and Worth. The shop is the same size, but significantly brighter with much higher ceilings, so it feels more spacious. Manager Chuck Beltran said they are getting to know the new neighbors and their tastes and interests, and hope to see their old neighbors as well.

Tribeca Wines & Spirits
171 West Broadway
Monday – Saturday, 10 to 10
Sunday 1 to 9



  1. So glad they found a new spot in the neighborhood! Best of luck to them.

  2. The new sloping sidewalk there is a disaster.

  3. Looks great, and very welcoming!
    Hope it does well in the new location.

  4. Pretty cool that they were able to move into a newly renovated space. That window at the top floor of that building is unique.

  5. uniquely awful

  6. awfully unique