Seen & Heard: Bogardus Plaza plans its Tribeca scavenger hunt

Join the Friends of Bogardus Plaza for its fourth annual neighborhood scavenger hunt on Sunday, Oct. 20, from 3-5:30p. The Hunt uses a phone app (no clipboards!) to guide teams throughout Tribeca searching for clues, completing creative missions, answering trivia and going head-to-head with other teams for points. The event concludes with a closing ceremony at M1-5 on Walker, where several high-value prizes totaling over $1500 in value will be presented to the top nine teams. The event is for all ages but most suited for ages 7 and up as there is a fair bit of walking. By participating, you are supporting Bogardus Plaza, which should be open in early January and fully planted and gorgeous in the spring! Get tickets and info here.

Chambers Street resident Joanna Abrahams has put out a shingle as a tutor for the neighborhood, having just retired from her most recent job as a reading specialist at a Montessori school. Before that she was a turnkey teacher at BASIS in Brooklyn for three years, and landed there after working as a teacher at charters both in Harlem and Chinatown. Abrahams has her master’s in education from Sarah Lawrence (she’s 33), is certified in grades 1 through 6, and also holds several certifications in the Wilson reading program technique. She works with children as young as 2 in early childhood literacy and math workshops, getting them “school ready,” and also provides higher-level reading and writing help as well as organizational coaching. Bonus: she tutors in the summer in the Hamptons.

James sent this picture of a city vehicle dropping through the vault under the sidewalk of 54 Franklin. I’ve seen it happen twice on other streets in the neighborhood over the past couple months. City workers of all people should understand what is under (or not under) Tribeca sidewalks and know better than to park on them…

S. wrote to say she could see lights on behind the butcher paper at the old City Hall on Duane, which closed in early 2016 – so we peeked through the tears and found this. Not sure if this is new construction or dismantled old construction?? And CB1 has no application on file or even a 30-day notice for the space. But still, a girl can hope.



  1. The sidewalk damage from vehicles is an ongoing problem. It’s cost our building a lot of money over the years. I’ve heard similar from residents of other buildings on our street.

    Even if it’s not typical for trucks to drive fully up on the sidewalk as in the photo above, many of them do the problematic parking shortcut, of driving up and over the edge of the sidewalk with 2 wheels, then back down, to get into a spot. That has repeatedly damaged the edge of our curve, and over time can crack the main pavement as well. As with many buildings, our sidewalk is hollow and has mechanical room with pumps, sprinkler equipment, gas meters, etc. below. So even small cracks lead to water leaks, damage to equipment below, mold, etc. And of course, a damaged curb is a hazard to pedestrians as well.

    The cost of repairing these is insanely high, and is of course paid by the building residents.

    I’ve noticed many buildings put massive heavy planters out at the edge of the sidewalk, I assume to prevent this problem. Any idea what the city allows for that? Is a permit required?

  2. Speaking of restaurant action, any more news on whats to come at the old north end grill space?