Nosy Neighbor: Will the sun come out on the Sun Building clocks?

J. sent this cool photo (below) from above of the clock on 280 Broadway (the squarish one on the Chambers corner) and this question: “Do you know if they plan to refurbish these beautiful Sun clocks? A lot of the scaffolding is down now, and you can see that one clock has been dismantled, one is still in scaffolding, but clearly is old and damaged. There is a box next to the dismantled one…I’m hoping it contains some parts for repair. :) ”

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services, or DCAS, which manages city-owned property confirmed that both are undergoing repairs AND both will be operational once the work is complete. (I did not realize that while the southern one is a clock, the flatter one on the north corner at Reade is a thermometer.) In the meantime, the building looks gorgeous (my photo taken from Downtown Dance Factory) and it’s a relief to have at least one shroud removed from the stately buildings of Broadway.

See Tom Miller’s post on the building’s history here.



  1. Beautiful building. I do hope they save and refurbish the clocks…. “it shines for all”!

  2. When I posted about the scaffolding coming down last June, I did some research and was able to find out that the Clock and thermometer are absolutely being repaired and restored. It is the last piece of the restoration project on this magnificent building. I heard that it would be completed in 2020.