Seen & Heard: Joyce Carol Oates at the Mysterious Bookshop

Akashic Books and the Mysterious Bookshop will host a reading by Joyce Carol Oates to celebrate the release of new mystery anthology of short stories featuring only women writers on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 7p. “Cutting Edge” is a collection of noir stories as well as poems by Margaret Atwood. (Oates has won the National Book Award, two O. Henry Prizes, and has been a finalist for the Pulitzer twice. She teaches at Princeton and has published 58 novels.) As Oates points out, noir’s strength has very little to do with man-centric plots and everything to do with female ascendance. Contributors S.J. Rozan, Sheila Kohler and Lisa Lim will also be signing and reading. The bookshop is at 58 Warren.

A. spotted this rendering of the building being developed on the corner of Lispenard and Church by Urban Standard Capital. Architects: GF55. And City&Land has a summary of the Landmarks Commission’s concerns for the façade material and the mechanical bulkhead on the roof. CB1 had approved the building with the condition that the bulkhead height be reduced. The commission wanted to see that PLUS a change in the color and the style of the building: in short, it’s too white and too modern and doesn’t fit in with its neighbors in the historic district. But still, the commission took no action.


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31 Lispenard renderings revealed! Our new Tribeca boutique condo designed by @gf55architects

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Because we love Tiny Desks in our house and because TS is our neighbor, well, at least when she’s in town, here’s a clip of NPR’s newest addition to its series. (If you get into it, definitely watch the Cranberries and Chvrches.)

F. sent this photo of the Brookfield For Five coffee shop coming together at 225 Liberty. Their website says “Open Winter 2019.”



  1. Where does Oates say, “noir’s strength has very little to do with man-centric plots and everything to do with female ascendance”?

  2. Please don’t refer to Taylor as a local, she’s anything but. Turned one of the more quaint streets into a compound.


    • She deserves a place to rest her head, far away or closer to home, and feel like she belongs. Let’s not get caught in semantics. She is a neighbor, full stop.

  3. For Five is a coffee shop owned and operated by Convene …