Halloween hijinks in Washington Market Park

Washington Market Park held its two Halloween events this weekend — the Pumpkin Carving Contest and the annual Parade and Party, the latter of which was (almost) a total wash out. But in show-must-go-on fashion, the always fabulous Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Marching Band set up shop under the awning of Tribeca Grill, and thanks to the NYPD Auxiliary officers who blocked traffic for an hour, we had an amazing impromptu concert on Franklin Street — and perhaps the first good use of a sidewalk bridge.

So if you are feeling glum, scroll to the bottom and watch the vid. Guaranteed to cheer even the soggiest of dancing queens.

Big thanks to the pumpkin judges (not an easy task): Gene Schafer of ARC Athletics; Madeline Lanciani from Duane Park Patisserie; Ralph Musolino, deputy chief of Manhattan operations for Parks; and Denni Weisler, the haircutter at My Little Sunshine, who seemed to know every kid there.




  1. Wish we knew that the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corp Marching Band still played! We were all bummed on Sunday (we assumed that the event was cancelled.) Thank you for posting this video!

    • It was so torrential at 1p that we all took shelter under the sidewalk bridge and never left. Thousands of dollars of instruments at stake!

  2. What great spirit in spite of the downfall. The music was floating around the neighborhood. Making the best of a soggy situation!