Seen & Heard: New show at Soho Rep

Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

I feel like I am the last to know that we have premier Off-Broadway within walking distance, but we caught opening night of the new show at Soho Rep last night, discovering the theater tucked behind a subtle neon sign at 46 Walker. Ben Brantley has had at it, but better to listen to the NPR interview with playwright Zawe Ashton and the show’s director, Whitney White, to get the origin story. “for all the women who thought they were Mad” was written in 24 hours when the playwright was 24 a decade ago; she is now starring in “Betrayal” with Tom Hiddleston on Broadway. The show runs until Nov. 24.

I had a lovely note from a newspaper publisher from Leamington, Ontario, who made Tribeca the focus of her trip to the city with the husband, kids left behind. Fun to see the neighborhood through a visitor’s eyes: “We mostly just walked around looking at the architecture and enjoying the one part of the city that doesn’t feel overrun with tourists. We were actually able to walk at our own pace since we weren’t battling hordes of people. I love Duane Park. It was a favourite of mine when I had visited the area years ago and I was so happy to see that it was just as lovely as the last time I was there. And as sports fans, we were happy to come across Greenwich Street Tavern where we popped in a few times to give our feet a rest and watch football and baseball. We tried out a few different coffee shops and I have a few more on my list to try the next time we go. But more than anything, the best part was just exploring the neighbourhood at our own pace and realizing how comfortable we felt there.”

It was super fun to swing by the Tribeca Alliance meet-and-greet last week; thanks to Gene Schafer from ARC for sending this pic. Snacks were provided by Denise Williamson, who hosted at 180 The Store, as well as Madeline Lanciani from Duane Park Patisserie and Hank Tibensky from Hank’s Juicy Beef. Also there: Eliza Axelson-Chidsey of Alumnae; Audrey Matlock of Audrey Matlock Architects; Demetri Ganiaris; Tristan Snell of Tribeca Law; Maud Maron, who is running for City Council; Ann Benedetto of A Uno; Tania Anthony of T-PopUp Shop; and Eileen Montague, the president of Downtown Soccer League.

M. sent word that the Stage Door Deli is back on Vesey after a seven-month hiatus and is now open 24/6 (they close Sunday at 6p and open again on Monday at 4a) with a second floor pizza parlor serving 10a to 8p every day. “So many of the places by us are closed much earlier. Great to have a late night ‘go-to!’” Maybe someone can explain why anything named after a stage door would be found on Vesey…


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  1. Pam,
    Thanks so much for coming by the Tribeca Alliance Meet & Greet. We had a good time and discussion about issues effecting small businesses in Tribeca. Many thanks to 180 The Store for hosting, and to Hank’s Juicy Beef and FranklyWines for donating the food and wine. We will be meeting next month Nov 21st at Urban Archeology on Franklin Street. Details at
    Thank you,