Who does Halloween better than Tribeca?

Neighbor Kimberly M. Wang, an editorial, brandstory and portrait photographer (and veteran television producer) was out and about yesterday capturing photos of old friends and new around Duane Park and beyond. What a night! I am not sure the neighborhood ever looked livelier. See more of Kimberly’s work at her website and even more of her shots of Tribeca on her Instagram, @eardogfoto. (Click on any photo to view them as a slideshow.)


All photos: © Kimberly M. Wang | eardog.com



  1. Pam! Thank you for sharing my impressions from the evening! I love how our neighbors get decked out every year and gather to stroll the streets of our little neighborhood within this sprawling city. Everyone I encountered gave my camera some Halloween cosplay-attitude. Fantastic! Watching the kids tear around the ‘hood, goofing with their friends, squealing with delight at their haul….it’s just a complete joy, every single year. A deep bow to our Tribeca small businesses that swung their doors open wide, like Josh and Melody at Interlude, the team at Duane Park Patisserie, 180 the Store, Scanlan Theodore….all generously doled out treats with big smiles….Gotta love Tribeca Spirit.

  2. Such vibrant photos! Love them. The yellow photo is brilliant. Taken together, they really capture the facets of Tribeca. Checked out the site (eardog.com) too. Stunning portraits.

    • Patrick: It is amazing, isn’t it? A very sweet sense of community in a city that can, at times, feel so impersonal. Thanks to those who shared such kind words, above. And Diane…I do create portraits of all kinds, from entrepreneurs to artists to families, as well as heirloom quality fine art prints and albums. You can find me at my website! http://www.eardog.com Thanks for inquiring!

  3. I LOVE theses pictures so much—they really capture the feel of last night! and we love the photos on your website, too. @kimberlyWang, do you do portraits? We’re looking for someone to take creative pictures of our family …

  4. Absolutely love these photos. Brand storytelling makes sense because these prints feel like poetry. It’s all so visually stimulating. Not only are the subjects captivating, the full picture feels refreshing. True art. Thank you, Kim!

  5. A wondrous day in Tribeca made even more magical by the way you captured it. As always, you have made the world and all who inhabit it even more interesting, soulful, and lovely by the force of your talent. Brava! Brava! Ten bows… all of them deep.

  6. Its my first in Tribeca. I was so amazed to see such community participation

  7. These photos make me feel all the magic of NYC. Tribeca at Halloween is the best and it was so great to see everyone decked out in their costumes. Even the dogs were part of the action!! Thank you for capturing what makes our neighborhood so special . I ❤️ NYC.