Sleepy’s corner leased for a giant CVS on Church

The northwest corner of Warren and Church will soon be a giant CVS store — combining the mattress store and 7-Eleven (of course all 7-Elevens are really 7-Twenty-fours). The gift store — my go-to for NYC snow globes — is not yet leased, but available. Now to be fair I am calling the new CVS “giant” at 4800 square feet, but compared to stand-alones in the suburbs it is “mini.” The one that opened in Times Square a couple years ago is two floors and 13,000 square feet.

(If you are wondering about the union rat in the pictures, he’s there for one of the contractors at 30 Warren (aka 149 Church), Consigli Construction.)

140 Church is not the most handsome building to begin with, but CVS promises this on their website: “Being a good neighbor means being sensitive to the various cultures that make up each community. That’s why you’ll see external signage that reflects the languages of those cultures on our stores.” Not sure what we will get as a result.

I am taking this moment to say the property owner — or maybe his/her current or future lessees — should be sweeping the street, and the city should be emptying the garbage cans. That corner is gross.



  1. I suspect a lot of that curb trash will disappear when the 7-Eleven closes.

  2. When is the 7-Eleven closing?
    It hasn’t been there for long I don’t think?

  3. Seems the publisher of this article got all the info wrong. Fake news. Sensitive to cultures? Which one? Are we not all Americans? Sounds racist. Must be a Dem.

    • @matthew I have written policy statements for many corporations and can assure you that this is corporate boilerplate, regardless of the political affiliations of its leadership (which I don’t know and don’t care about). When they refer to “community sensitive” signage they mean that in Chinatowns around the country there will be some limited signage in Chinese. In Hispanic neighborhoods, same. There may be some Korean signage in some nabes too. Perhaps in Brighton Beach there may be some Russian, but likely not. There are not many major ethnic groups that large corporations officially recognize, but in any case it’s not meant to be political, it is meant to positively affect their profitability. With respect, I think your over-politicizing this issue may be a greater problem for society than what you are perceiving as “political correctness”.

      • @David. David I was referring to the fact hat the author of this article mentioned the CVS policy of ethnic sensitivity not CVS. It’s perfectly fine for CVS to cater to its customer base. It’s demeaning for the author of this article to focus on political correctness. Now why was that necessary? This neighborhood is a mix, no one majority of ethnic representation. Why was there a need to even mention that in a real estate article? This is what is wrong with the big city swamps. MAGA!

    • Who is gonna pay for the Wall? MEXICO!!
      Who is gonna payoff a Porn Star? CAMPAIGN DONORS!!
      How much hairspray does Trump use?
      No, seriously, does anyone know?

    • Look what you started Matthew. Yuck.
      Progressive, Feminist Dem

  4. CVS corporate and its associated PAC contributed $535,000 in donations in 2017 to political organizations that support Trump.

    Read about it here:

    • The story continues: “A review of CVS’ corporate and PAC political donations reveals the company could be considered a “major donor” to Democratic causes and candidates if one chose to frame it that way.”

    • Who cares! Matress Firm and 7/11 just look terrible and badly maintained, a brand new CVS would make a huge difference, other than being very useful for us leaving on Warren St

      • @Carlo

        Right on brother. Who cares. A brand new CVS is a huge benefit to the local residents cleans up the street more, increases values. Why does the left always have to inject politics, hate racism? This article was real estate related, not a political op-ed.

  5. My wife asked if there wasn’t already a CVS there years ago (many years ago) and I do seem to recollect that she might be right. Does anyone else remember a CVS being there?

  6. What a great news!!! Too bad they do not also absorb the Gift store…

    • That looks like it will become a ground floor entrance vestibule for a separate, primarily lower level user, like a gym or doctor’s office.

  7. 140 Church Street
    Those were the days my friends…..
    Miss the shop, Job-Lot Pushcart, at NW corner of Church and Warren, the place to be and be seen, poking around through the practical and impractical, unidentifiable objects, many items which required imagination but offered a treasure chest for repurposing, still have elements in the home decor from there; ah, the ’70s and ’80s in Lower Manhattan.