The bean has arrived.

The first of 45 sections of the Anish Kapoor sculpture for 56 Leonard was delivered today; the crew will spend the rest of the day installing this and one other. It was wrapped in three layers, and the workers were asked to take off their belts and anything else that could scratch it (wallet chains, measuring tapes) before the last layer was peeled off. “It’s like Christmas opening up a gift,” the foreman said. It will take at least two months for the sculpture to be fully installed, as the sections get delivered piece by shiny piece.

Time lapse above, taken until my fingers froze.





  1. Exciting! Good timing, TC, for a great video and photos of this precision installation.
    A fan of Anish Kapoor, though, not so happy about a sleepy corner soon to be an instagram worthy corner…..will stay on the east side of Church St.

  2. An endless, cynical fiasco. Children who were in fifth grade when this was first promised have graduated college.