In the News: Charging Bull will be moved

Charging Bull will soon be facing down the New York Stock Exchange, joining Fearless Girl who was placed in front of him in 2017, Gothamist reports. The Bull was originally delivered on a forklift as guerrilla art during a night in December 1989 to express financial survival after the stock market collapse (so wacky!). But after he was not well-received by anyone – even the stock exchange – he was moved to the northern sliver of Bowling Green Park. Now the stock exchange reportedly wants him back. Either way, the city doesn’t like him on that little triangle island because the crowds spill into the streets. (I always liked to think of him of staring down vehicular traffic.)

But the bull’s creator, Arturo Di Modica, and the Bowling Green Association that is its steward don’t like the new plan.

You can see the bull’s potential location in this rendering by the Downtown Alliance for it Stock Exchange District Study.

And since I don’t think the TC ever posted on the study, which was an attempt to make what is already a pedestrian district more ped-friendly, adding some details here (with vid below). Similar to the shared street plan for way downtown, the plan would:
• Create curbless shared streets
• Install custom “gateway” structures
• Upgrade lighting along dark corridors
• Expand pedestrian access on Broadway and creating more sidewalk space on New Street
• Add new multi-functional seating areas
• Declutter security infrastructure
• Pilot a consolidated delivery center for all packages arriving in the district