Tavern planned for 88 West Broadway

The owners of a few restaurants in Brooklyn as well as Lelabar on Hudson and Morton have plans for a tavern in the former Jamba Juice spot (I am going with that even though it was also Just Baked! most recently) at 88 W. Broadway. But after upstairs neighbors came to the CB1 Licensing meeting last night worried about noise, the owners and their reps agreed to come back next month after exploring sound-dampening options to seek their actual license.

The plan is for the 960-sf space is 22 seats at the bar and 16 at tables with very little hot food since the “scrubber” (that’s a commercial kitchen ventilation system) got too expensive. So think cheeses, oysters, salads. No DJ, no live music, no TV and eight speakers attached to the walls for background music. There will also be a separate entity serving takeout baked goods (baked off site) and coffee in the morning.

David Kelley, who’s lived directly above the space since 1991 and has Loft Law protections along with three other tenants (the building is an L and also uses the 72 Warren address), has complained to the landlord for years about noise coming from Jamba Juice and subsequent occupants. He said the compressor for the fridge is on the ceiling, which means when that fires up it sounds like there’s a tractor trailer in his son’s bedroom. The music from the cleaners at 1 in the morning made them want to move to a hotel some nights, he said. It was that discussion that led the committee to ask the bar to come back after they explore some sound options as well as the fridge installation.

The principals are listed as Natan Alpert, Shai Shamir, Oz Levi and Rafael Hasid and the four of them in different capacities have been at this for a while — Lelabar was on Wine Enthusiast’s list of best wine bars in the city in 2009, and they have two popular spots in Park Slope: Wolf + Deer and Miriam. (By an odd coincidence I have actually been to Miriam a few times, albeit during the day for their brunch. It is worth the trip for Israeli chef (French trained) Hasid’s shakshuka and eggs skillet.)



  1. Good morning,

    Any way to speak to David Kelley? I have a similar sound issue with my apartment and the new restaurant that went in below me and would love to hear his struggles and what seems like recent success. Thank you.

  2. The compressor should be supported from the first floor (or suspended from the ceiling using vibration isolating hangers), and soundproofing should be placed on the first floor ceiling, under the second floor floor above, or in between the two.