The Bird Issue: Spin Chicken at Sarabeth’s

There’s the jail for White Street, the fact that many of us live in Zone A and the lack of field space for our kids, and then there’s the more pressing issue of where to order rotisserie chicken in the neighborhood. As before for Chinese food and Thai food, this awaits comments for a crowd-sourcing solution. In the meantime, here’s a discovery for me — maybe it’s old news? I couldn’t get anyone at Sarabeth’s to answer any questions when I called or reply to emails, so this is what I got:

Spin Chicken is online only of only chicken (and accoutrements) delivered to downtown only (South John Street to North Barrow Street, and East Bowery to West Street).

There’s garden bird (salads), bird bath (chicken soup), bird on the bun (sandwiches) and rotisserie. That plus some sides (Brussel sprouts were undercooked for me, since I like them crispy, but they were tasty) and one dessert (giant chocolate chip cookies, thumbs up from kids) and there you have it.

Prices are reasonable, especially for the nabe: sandwiches are $9 or $10; a 2-pound half chicken is $13. Totally worth a shot, for all you mourning DB. Beware: the online ordering system on their site does not work — a call confirmed that once I got an email that said my order was cancelled. Use Grubhub or Seamless only.

Spin Chicken
Online only for takeout or delivery USE GRUBHUB or SEAMLESS
339 Greenwich
Open seven days, 11a to 9:30p!home