Seen & Heard: Laughing Man 2.0 coming along

F. caught this shot of the Laughing Man extension, planned for the space next door to the current space on Duane. More TK!!

H. spotted this flyer for The Reading Ninja, which purportedly is a mother and son duo who go around defacing public property with “Reading is Rad” stickers and also make book recommendations for kids on their 800-number (a kids voice asks you to press 1 to receive a book recommendation, or 2 to leave one). Red Tricycle has an “interview” with the mother, who for some reason must remain anonymous. I am not buying any of it, especially since of course there is plenty of merch for sale on their website. But I could be too much of a skeptic. So, real deal or just a brilliant piece of marketing?

I’ve always been curious about The Drug Store and its cashier-less drink offerings (the door to the space and the cooler is open for you to help yourself; you send them a text once you take a drink and they walk you through the payment process). And now that I know there is a secret party space behind the vending machine, I am even more curious. Hopefully more TK if they are game to let me in. In the meantime, these Missa sparkling iced teas came recommended and were a bit of a treat.

It took me t00 long to get to the new iteration of Tribeca homegoods stalwart Stella, now stationed at 138 Reade, just behind its old digs on Duane (where the new Laughing Man will be). As always, it’s beautiful — and oddly relaxing to visit.



  1. My son is at school otherwise I would have him chime in. I simply cannot wait though – I’m too eager to respond. The Reading Ninja is very much in fact a mother and son duo. They find the most creative ways to engage young people in reading. The merchandise is for the fans. And to subsidize the hours of work that goes into it.

    It’s hard to imagine that The Reading Ninja is just a very cool mother and son who live for books (if you know the backstory, it all started initially to pass on that love to her son in the first place) but it’s true. They’re cooler and more creative than anyone else I know and I feel so lucky that my sons and I get to be on the front lines learning from them and partaking in their creative pursuits.

    Also, it’s awesome that you’re taking the time to look into it. I hope it brings more awareness to The Reading Ninja and engages more kids in the rad community that they’re building.

    Erica Rand Silverman

  2. Hi, I saw your post about the Reading Ninja posters and stickers and wanted to say that the work this group does is so important. Our younger generation needs continued encouragement and support as they develop into strong, literate, contributing members of society. My family has used the book recommendations made by the Reading Ninja to help foster my daughter’s love of reading and consequently all of our literary muscles. As the Reading Ninja says -“Reading is rad!”

  3. The Reading Ninja should host a bookclub at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble. Might as well get more kids involved. Definitely a positive thing.

  4. The ladies profess too much.

    The Reading Ninja comments seem shady or from the “business” owner(s) or from the shady “business” owner(s).

    I could be reading too much into it though.

    Eating at Ninja is Rad. Stickers have been ordered.

    Promoting Reading while Graffitiing and Littering is Bad. Additional stickers have been ordered.

  5. Comments seem fake. Hope fake comments are getting moderated out.

  6. A tad unpleasant to have an update on Laughing Man 2 and Stella in the same week’s post so one must assume you don’t know what went on with that very unpleasant real estate exchange.
    Laughing Man 1 nor 2 will NEVER get a penny of my hard earned $ and I would like to believe many decent people would boycott them as well if they knew what transpired.
    On a side note, Jackman’s wife didn’t even wait for the Stella team to finish moving out (before their lease expired) before she was in there with her tape measure and crew. Classy very classy. Stella’s new home on Reade Street is as lovely as ever.

    • What happened? I am very intrigued…

    • Now that LM has expanded will the street seats be eliminated forever? Please!
      Bring back those Sunday pick-up Volleyball games on Duane Street. (Perhaps most readers don’t know to what I am referring).

      Stella’s new home is lovely and uplifting for shopping. And to know our neighborhood still has and will support independent merchants.

      • You mean the extremely popular street seating? The one that has more use as open space than free private vehicle parking?

        Why do you dislike it? People seem to be voting with their butts in the seats that it’s a great neighborhood amenity.