Cast Iron House on Broadway making progress

Perhaps one of the most handsome buildings in the nabe, the Cast Iron House at 67 Franklin (359 Broadway) is finally coming together, after some fits and starts — but mostly fits, from what it seems like. P. sent these pictures of the Shigeru Ban rooftop addition that will contain two penthouse apartments on the east and west. The rest of the building has just 11 units; four are available.

The project has been in the works for more than a decade — started in 2009, approved by Landmarks in 2012, and topped out in 2016. The Pritzker-Prize winning architect was hired not just for the penthouse, but for the interiors as well. (See a vid on his work below.) The building was built in 1881 by James White.

See Tom Miller’s always-wonderful post on the history of the building here.



  1. A beautiful building indeed. I always admire this one when I walk by…Then again, I find so many buildings in our neighborhood beautiful. My favorite architecture in NYC; one of the reasons we choose to live in this area, and feel so fortunate to be here, surrounded by this fantastic cast-iron structures, each one unique.

  2. classic Cast Iron building, Will be costly to maintain.