The Archive of Contemporary Music is closing

Very sad to see the news from b. George — buried in his email about the annual holiday sale (this is called ‘burying the lede’ in the media biz) — that this is the last annual sale for the ARC record archives in Tribeca (and thanks to A. for the heads up). This is what b. (or Bob) sent to his “ARCsters” (aka fans, subscribers, minions, etc):
This is our LAST PARTY in Tribeca. We can no longer afford this part of town. For the first time in 34 years we have some debt. So drop by and shop + donate if you can. Hey, we need to buy 20,000 boxes! Still at 54 White St for now.

No word yet from him on where the archive will end up, or exactly when it will leave White Street, so in the meantime, this on the sale, which is always a happening:
WHAT: ARC Kissin’ Christmas Record + CD Sale
WHEN: Saturday, Dec. 7 – Sunday, Dec. 22 • everyday 11a to 6p
WHERE: 54 White Street • Tribeca • bet Church + B’Way
WHY: In support of America’s largest popular music library
WHO: • 212-226-6967 •
AND: Everyone’s invited • Free to all

ARC began the sale in 1989 and it has grown into a major NYC event attracting more than 2000 shoppers. The sale raises funds for the library by disposing of the 10s of thousands of redundant LPs, CDs, 78s, books, posters, videos, DVDs and memorabilia donated every year. This year the sale is dedicated to Saul Nowitz, whose estate donated more than 32,000+ recordings this fall.



  1. Sad news. I love this place.

  2. Im wondering what the deal is on the rent and his lease and can someone come in and help negotiate an extension that makes sense, or where is he going next?

    • From Tribeca Trib: “Tribeca’s Extraordinary Record Archive” Posted Feb. 28, 2013

      ” ‘I am against engaging in commerce of any sort. We don’t try to market anything. We don’t put ads on our website. We don’t have a cafe. We don’t sell tote bags.’ He paused. ‘A gift shop would probably make it easier to survive.’

      “The archives survives with the help of two foundations, its board of directors and landlord, the building’s co-op.

      ” ‘We pay one-third of the market rate,’ George says. ‘They’re incredibly generous.’

      “Even so, it’s a struggle. He says the archives have lost a lot of donors in the last few years, mostly people who used to give $50 to $100.

      ” ‘It’s hard to get enough money to pay the rent every month.’ ”