1 Park Row to start demolition next week

Thanks to V. for the heads up. Neighbors of 1 Park Row — the corner J&R building at the intersection of Ann that most recently had Ricky’s in it — have been notified that demolition will start on Dec. 17. (Happy holidays!) That work is expected to take six months. Then, of course, onward and upward. Will try to find more renderings other than the ones from two years ago in YIMBY, but DOB records show the building will be 23 stories and 305 feet tall (doesn’t seem possible on that small lot? but maybe it’s not as small as it looks) and have 19 units.

There will be 37,000 square feet of residential, and 47,000 of commercial, and the lot area is 5600 square feet, so that math isn’t really adding up for me — will have to wait for a better explanation and renderings. But at first glance I would say that is three or four floors of retail plus 2000-square-foot apartments, one per floor on a narrower tower. Looks like the building closed early last year for $26 million. The architect is Fogarty Finger (their offices are on Walker) whose portfolio is mostly in Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City.

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  1. Wow we will be losing a lot of light on the park and around there with such a tall building :(

    • not sure how this will make much of an impact at all considering all its neighbors are already twice as tall or more… they have already shadowed the park and in fact this building will be in their shadow as well.

  2. This was a meaningful and beautiful stretch of streetscape before the city allowed J & R to build that cheesy big box store on a prominent historic block of our city. Allowing this opened the door to what will come next. This is an ongoing saga of the mega rich exploiting and sanitizing the city with some meaningless variation on the curtain wall building for their own gain and our loss.

    And for the record, I am in full support of modernist and contemporary architecture that does not “blend” with 19th century cast iron structures. It’s simply that it is seldom done well (e.g. the synagogue on White Street is an excellent example).

  3. Anyone have any update on this? Two months later, and there’s still no construction…