131 Duane Street adding a sixth floor

F. spotted a lot of construction action at the former City Hall restaurant (his photo below) at 131 Duane. (It seems like yesterday, but the restaurant closed four years ago.) A quick search at the DOB says the building is adding a sixth floor, and a “vertical enlargement and interior renovation to existing residential and commercial space.” The addition will add 3000 square feet. When I last checked with CB1 in October, there was nothing filed for the commercial space.

The building has 12 units and permits say it is landmarked, but I am a bit confused there, since it does not appear on the city’s landmark map (its neighbor does — the Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association Building at 305 Broadway, or 99 Duane). UPDATE: James corrected me: the building is in the landmark district. I was a block off.



  1. I believe it is just the facade that is landmarked. The wonderful artist Donna Dennis(who designed the fence with ships around PS 234) was the last to leave this year. Alas.

  2. 131 Duane is between Church St and West Broadway, solidly in the landmark district. That address is one block west of 305 Broadway.