Nosy Neighbor: What’s the update on the Citigroup building?

S. writes: when will the Citibank building be done? And will there be an end to late-night construction? (I wanted to know about the Greenwich Street retail, and the Citi spokeswoman said no update on that yet.)

Citi has been at this work for five years now, and had permits that allowed them to do after hours construction (till 2a!) this summer, but there are  currently no more AVFs — after-hours variances — for the building. The entire project, which combined 388 and 390 Greenwich and created space by ditching some private offices and moving a portion of the floors to unassigned seating, is scheduled to be done next year. They also increased the amenities space by 35 percent (see list below). The bank plans to have 80 percent of its New York workforce there, up to 12,000 people, up from the 9,000 that worked there before construction, according to a Citi spokesperson.

The place sounds like it is an entire village — no one ever has to leave.

Some highlights:

  • small cafeterias on all the trading floors
  • floor-to-ceiling windows
  • roof deck for employees opening in 2020
  • giant lobby area called the Town Square
  • in-house Starbucks
  • Peloton bikes and a variety of other workout equipment in the gym

Because people are often on vacation or on work trips or out sick, at any time 30 percent of the desks are empty. So on half the floors, employees arrive to work each day and sit at any open desk. There’s also a main cafeteria, called Three Eighty Ate (I know) that serves 3,700 customers a day.

When the work is complete, Citigroup will have gone from 17 office locations with 7.9 million square feet in the New York area to five with 3.1 million square feet.