24-hour diner opens in the Soho Grand

Didn’t have time to sit for a meal so in the meantime, here’s a quick preview of the Soho Diner — a 24-hour, $16-burger-and-vegan-matcha-milkshake-but-still-unfussy diner on the ground floor of the Soho Grand. The lovely hostess let me have a look around, and I’ll save a more thorough new-kid-on-the-block for the new year. If you’ve ever make it to Hudson, the partner here is from the Rivertown Lodge, and the head chef is from Picholine and 44 at The Royalton.

320 W. Broadway at Grand

Quick diner count, including the classics and the upstarts: Gee Whiz, Tribeca’s Kitchen, Square Diner, Pearl Diner, Golden Diner, Squire’s Diner … what am I missing? UPDATING FROM COMMENTS: Two Bridge’s (sic) on Canal and Eldridge; Landmark Coffee Shop at Grand and Centre. And I was of two minds on this, but maybe also add Au Cheval to the upstart list.




  1. Don’t forget the Landmark Diner, an 8-minute walk down Grand Street from the Soho Grand.

  2. Two Bridge’s Diner on the other side of Canal St.

  3. Someone needs to put a diner in Battery Park City

  4. Or a real old-style diner, Tribeca’s Kitchen at the corner of Church and Duane —