Seen & Heard: They’re back.

Am I making too much of a post box in this day and age? No. Just mailed my taxes. Felt good. Welcome back, you old blue beauty. (And because this is Warren Street, it has an orange construction cone to keep it company for say, the next year.) (Thanks to J. for the heads up.) UPDATE: Also back in action, the box on West Broadway and Warren.

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  1. This is fantastic news! I usually try to get the extra steps by walking to Church Street Station but some days there just isn’t time. Here’s a nosy neighbor question — can we leave stamped, outgoing mail in our individual mailboxes to be picked up by the carrier like suburban residents can?

  2. Better make sure its a real, authentic collection box and not a practical joke by Mr. Smithers.

  3. There’s also a mailbox in front of HSBC on West Broadway, unless it was removed since I was there a few weeks ago.

  4. Wait… isn’t that on the other side of the street from where it was??

  5. Could be some thanks due here to Cllr Chin’s office. I have been in correspondence with them for several months now and they have liaised with Congressman Nadler’s office (mailboxes are a Federal affair), to get the mailboxes on West Broadway (at Duane and Warren) replaced. I am not sure if they are directly responsible for this but they receive enough criticism for not being responsive on some issues, maybe this is one where they were.

  6. The one that vanished on the corner of W.B’way and Duane street as also made a comeback! Hooray!