UPDATE: A new kind of “Cocoon” coming to Best Market space

Scheduled for this week’s CB1 Licensing Committee meeting: the Cocoon Club for the old Best Market space (thanks to G. and J. for sending the notices).

So my guess was wrong: the Cocoon for 316 Greenwich is not the Cocoon party/staging spaces, but a different kind of Cocoon. Karl Chong emailed with this information:
“Cocoon is a completely new community space for modern families. We are founded by families and long-time residents in the neighborhood who experienced the need for a space that helps support and empower families through their parenting journey. We hope to activate the indoor and outdoor space and we are excited to share these plans with you very soon!”

Karl added that it’s different from The Wonder, the social club for families on Hudson. We will no doubt learn more tomorrow night at the CB1 meeting. Stay tuned.

This is a total guess, but since its d/b/a is Cocoon, there’s a chance it’s the rental event space company with the same name that runs furnished spaces around the city for parties, meetings, media productions. The hours are certainly not club or restaurant hours — Sunday to Thursday, 9a to 7p; Friday and Saturday, 9a to 10p. They describe the business this way on their website:
“Cocoon Flex Spaces LLC offers a unique selection of residential spaces in New York City, available by the hour for productions, off-site meetings and events. Each space is carefully selected, curated and sometimes redesigned in order to provide the best visual and functional experience to our clients. Cocoon believes in a highly collaborative approach to design and works with local and international creators to ensure that each space truly creates a unique experience.”

They currently have seven spaces around the city — ranging from a 1200-square-foot apartment in Williamsburg to a 2800-square-foot brownstone in Clinton Hill. But this one will be a real departure, since it is a ground floor commercial space (my guess is it’s 7000-10,000 square feet? Whole Foods is 69,000). And while it’s better than having a papered-up storefront, this does exactly nothing for the neighborhood.

Best Market closed in October 2018, and Vornado shut down all the rest of the retail in IPN — save for Duane Reade at 352 Greenwich. — in 2014. I have tried — certainly Erik tried — to learn of the plans for the storefronts, but to no avail. This is the first action in ages. Here’s hoping this means Vornado will start to activate some of these spaces so Greenwich no longer has tumbleweeds rolling down its west side. And I guess while I’m at it, this could be the time for a reimagining of the broad sidewalks, especially north of Harrison. The lost potential there is depressing.



  1. While having ground floor retail is better, something with a door that opens is better than nothing.

    When I was co head of the south beach merchants in San Francisco, we described the ground floor as having a business with a door that you can walk into. that means, not an office but maybe an insurance agency etc. This is somewhere in between. If the space is intermittently active with events, that brings foot traffic, ie safety, and more possible activity for local businesses.

  2. I get the feeling that Vornado and the Steven Roth ilk view Independence Plaza as a hugely valuable asset that does not “cash flow” as well as it could given it’s prime TriBeca location.

    Maybe they just can’t find the “right” ground tenants that can afford the leases. What it feels like, is that Vornado would rather leave the ground space vacant and under served to encourage IDP residents to leave. It does hugely impact the West side of Greenwich St from Duane to Harrison in a dark and negative way.

    Maybe Cocoon will help. Yet, are event spaces and co-working tenants the best and only tenants these days? Is “WeWork-ifying” all the empty retail space the only answer?

    • Vornado / Roth are all full of Greed. – Just slum business people who don’t care about community and its neighbors. Just as the likes of Weinstein & Epstien. – pure SLIME.

  3. I am horrified at this news. We NEED A SUPERMARKET – A REAL COMPLETE SUPERMARKET.

    THERE IS A SCHOOL just a few steps away – so no liquor establishment should be opened in that space.


    VORNADO does not consider what the residents need. But the time has come for them to do so. Putting a “club” into a ground floor commercial space where tenants reside and children go to school and there is a children’s park on the other side is not wise whatsoever. I urge the city to back us on this. I urge Vornado to meet with the tenant association finally and let us know what their intensions are. This is unacceptable and I am furious. – Diane Lapson – President of the Independence Plaza Tenant Association

    • Oh Diane, stop throwing the “what about the children?!” smoke bomb. “Horrified”? “A REAL COMPLETE SUPERMARKERT!” Who elected this hyperbolic hyperhead? The kids don’t stroll over to the Hideaway for a drink at recess. Or do they?!!

      • As a parent who has graduated two children from PS150, I can express small concern about a liquor license being given to something in the same building set. However, PS150 will be moving soon.

        With that said, Vornado has absolutely killed two blocks of retail aesthetic. Best Market was an excellent option for a neighborhood who is beholden to Amazon and Whole Foods. There are little options in this area for cafes, pizza slice joints, markets, book stores, etc An event space does absolutely nothing to prop up a neighborhood.

        • Neither does another clothing store for….wait for it….CHILDREN!!

          • And Jim how many years do you live in this neighborhood ?? Vornado doesn’t give a damn about tenants , kids , neighbors ! Please who wants a space for parties. Not me. The block is dead and no lighting. This isn’t the Tribeca we had many years ago. The greedy Landlords won and our city is vacant !! Greenwixh Street is a horrible scary site at nighttime .

          • Jim, You’re spot on.

            However, there’s another side to this story. Does appear that eliminating the formerly “affordable” commercial tenants, could be viewed as IDP Tenants getting “choked out” of the hood. The Loft law crowd ain’t gonna like it…

      • I MENTIONED THE kids because it’s illegal to put a bar or liquor selling venue next to a school, place or worship, etc.

        Perhaps you are new to the community. History: We didn’t have a supermarket for 6-7 years when IP residents moved into the neighborhood circa 1975. We had to stand in the street and get thousands of signatures to push the city to help push the landlor to rent out any of the commercial spaces which were always empty.
        All of Tribeca had to go shopping elsewhere and bring it downtown… cross town…. and it wasn’t fun. Yes, now we have online shopping adding to the global warming crisis. Don’t worry about Vornado. They are doing just fine. But the residents who are paying rent here deserve to have the spaces filled with community viable businesses. We lost our pizza place, nail place, Japanese restaurant, super market — all because the rent went to about $50,000.00 a month. Jim, if you’d like to chat about the history of Tribeca, please let me know. You’d be amazed at what has gone on here and how people how to fight for basics over the past 40 years. As one of those people, I understand the bigger picture.

        • Sorry, Diane, you’re right, I only moved in a couple of weeks ago, so I didn’t realize that Tribeca had turned into such a shit hole with so many people deprived of the very basic finer things in life. BTW, the IP buildings are ruining my view of the river. Do you really need all of those high floors? Can the upper apartments move to the ground level commercial spaces?

          • Jim Smithers, Bring your hostile remarks somewhere else, grow-up. I stand with Diane, we need a supermarket. Jim,take your anger out else where. There is no need for your unprofessional comments. Diane has fought for IPN tenants/Tribeca people for years!! What have you done!!!

          • Oh Jim, you snob! See maybe Diane don’t the b— to answer that you —-! If it wasn’t for Independence Plaza and the towers there would be no Tribeca !! See crime has gone up and it’s not as safe as a place as it was JIM!! You will be moving soon because you don’t know how it is in a city that is unsafe!! You entitled snob !!!! You are part of the ruination of our neighborhood and it’s colorful diversity which we had many years ago. It was affordable !! We built this neighborhood , not YOU! You move since your “ view” is ruined !!!!

          • I think it’s very important that we all take a moment to truly appreciate the need to proofread our comments before hitting the submit button. Proper use of punctuation and spacing is a lost art. And shouldn’t it be called Dependence Plaza since there is such a reliance on rent stabilization?

        • I moved to Tribeca in 1975. I agree with.I missed all the venue. I even open a shop myself sad

          • Jim Smithers it’s so sad how you hide behind the computer. Your a coward. God help you if you had to struggle and lost everything you had. Indepence Plaza tenants lives through 911 and more. So the original tenants do deserve to be stabilized they one a huge case many years ago and it was over unless by the greedy landlord Larry Gluck who had Bloomberg and Albany in his pocket. One day you have it the next day it’s gone. Go back from where you came from Jim. You are the reason this neighborhood has changed for the worst. Believe me your a coward

          • Yes I misspelled and didn’t proofread before I hit submit to reply to you Jim! Because your remarks are unnecessary and mean. Your a sad story . Wish I knew who you were so we can have the discussed in person.

          • It’s “you are” or “you’re” not “your.”

          • You’re an a— Jim

          • It’s – You’re an a— (comma) Jim!

  4. Hi there, we can confirm that the company that the present article references is not Cocoon Flex Spaces. We just wanted to clear the air that we are not the same company that is occupying this space.

    • Looks like my guess was wrong! Will have to see what unfolds at Wednesday’s meeting…

    • I’m sorry, a lot of people have gone to a great deal of trouble to get exercised about your demonic intent. I’m afraid whatever you were planning to do with the space you are now going to have to sell liquor to children so that those folks will not have thrown a fit in vain.

  5. Oh sorry for my typos – am rushing in and out of meetings.

    Last thought: I just looked at Cocoon’s website. It’s a party place. So a great big space, which is perfect for a community amenity — all of our community, not just Independence Plaza, should be used instead so that some people can rent it out for a party? That’s not what the intent of the space was for. I realize now why the tenants on the 2nd floor were moved away – and why they’ve offered townhouse people in back to relocate with benefits in the complex or to move out altogether. They’ve been preparing for something different than a supermarket. If it all boils down to money, always, and some of you aren’t concerned about a real community, let me present what was once Washington Market and then renamed Tribeca. We are still a community where some people have lived for over 40 years; where some tenants once lived in illegal lofts until the Loft Law, which was created and supported by many of our original residents passed, allowed people to renovate and live in their spaces; where children were born; elderly died, and we formed second families of neighbors; We lived through several terrorist attacks – including 9/11 where our tenant association at IP was the leader in helping all of Tribeca in more ways than you can imagine; (food – medicine – mental health care – etc.) where Hurricane Sandy ravaged through and left our Zone A residents in trouble and many many small businesses downtown in destruction. We’ve seen a lot and I believe we deserve a better neighborhood with some protection. We didn’t run away – we stayed. And now, yes, I want it all for all of us.

  6. They are applying for a “restaurant wine license” per the photograph, not for a full liquor license. The 200 foot rule regarding schools and places of worship to which you refer does not apply.

    “Under the ‘200 Foot Rule’ an establishment cannot be licensed to sell liquor at retail if it is on the same street and within 200 feet of a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship. The rule also applies to wine stores. It does not apply to on premises establishments that are licensed for wine and/or beer only and to grocery stores. There are two exceptions under the law: if the establishment existed prior to the enactment of the law in 1934 or if the location was licensed prior to the existence of the school or place of worship and has been continuously licensed ever since.”

    • Thanks for the correct, James. I still do think we need a supermarket, though. In any case I’m hoping many people can show up on short notice to CB1 Wednesday to discuss.

  7. Correction, whatever you were planning to do with your future enterprise.

  8. See my update to this post. This Cocoon is a different Cocoon than the party space Cocoon.

    • Thank you TRIBECA CITIZEN for posting in the first place and all your updates. Much appreciated. To those who feel the need to write “Oh no, Mr. Bill,” comments, thinking they are ready for Saturday Night Live, please note: By all means, audition. Some of your comments made me laugh out loud as well as those in my office. Good job entertaining us with your quick wit. Though showing a sign of social awkwardness and lack of ability to control certain emotional conditions, when others are seriously compassionate and protective over a neighborhood that took decades to develop – and appreciate the amenities we used to have and would like back — evidently you do not need groceries for your families. Party on court jesters.

      • Diane, Please note: there are groceries available in the area. “…circa 1975. We had to stand in the street and get thousands of signatures to push the city to help push the landlord to rent out any of the commercial spaces which were always empty.” So nothing has changed? Except, again, there are groceries available in the area. And booze & clothing for the children!!!

  9. Personally, I prefer the TriBeCa of the late ’70s when I moved here. There were no grocery stores, no corner delis, no nannies hogging the entire sidewalk with double-wide strollers and only a few restaurants. What there was was a close-knit art community and a rare serenity for an urban neighborhood. Oh well…at least I’ll make a small fortune when I sell my loft.

  10. Frankly was hoping for an affordable gym. I, for one, will never use a “party space” there. Too many great, local bars and restaurants that can be rented out if need be.

  11. UPDATE:

    I was just informed that Cocoon is similar in business model to https://thewonder.us/

    A family center. Not a party club. They still are asking for a wine and beer license…..

    Just wanted to update you, because of comments I made regarding what I thought they were. In any case, the tenants at IP and residents we speak to in Tribeca have expressed a desire for a supermarket to move into the space again.

    Originally, IP tenants had to go to the city to help whomever would eventually move into that space acquire a UDAG loan. It was raw space and a lot of money was needed That eventually became the Food Emporium. (FE went bankrupt and though some of the stores were bought over and the name kept, most went out. Best Market was a temporary experiment by the company.) Why not just keep it going? People above profit once in a while would be a great thing. An amenity for the high rents would be the decent thing to do.

    Thanks for listening.

  12. A community space for families founded by long-time residents in the neighborhood?!!!! I am horrified at this news. We NEED A SUPERMARKET – A REAL COMPLETE SUPERMARKET!!!

  13. I am sorry I missed the notice on this. IPN residents told Stellar Management/ partner of commercial Corp. Vernado many times we need a super market in that space. They ignored our voices and are attempting to push the Cacoon Club in.

  14. What about a Trader Joe? That would be so much better!! If for in fact they do have an event space I hope they can do something about all the dog poop in front and surrounding that are. BTW this is a 25 year Tribeca Resident commenting!

  15. It is a shame that this neighborhood has become a “food dessert” in terms of general brands of food you could find in a Best Market or Food Emporium. For those who can’t afford Whole Foods or want a product they don’t sell, if Target doesn’t have it, you have to shop in a different neighborhood or are forced to buy online. I don’t have any issues with Cocoon as a concept, but this neighborhood needs a good old fashioned grocery store

  16. On an almost day basis, I lament the loss of Best Foods. They had the very best fresh fish and though it was polished and pretty the employees were hard working and nice and the prices were ideal. I just don’t know how the elderly manage without it.

    I just knew when the landlord wouldn’t negotiate proper terms that it would sit and sit in the dark.
    I don’t know how I feel exactly about the new concept for the space but it will be nice to have some life in there again.

  17. Thank you again, Tribeca Citizen, for the original posting and allowing a bit of discussion here. Thanks to those who are interested and came to support us last night. Apologies to others – because this is obviously not the right place for us to communicate, especially about the 316 Greenwich Space. I will work on creating some kind of discussion arena other than Tribeca Citizen, which has been more than cordial.

    Good news for those of you who have used this as a vehicle to be condescending to your neighbors. Congratulations, you win! How cool are you?! A great way to start off a brand new year. Enjoy YOUrselves.

    • Everyone wins! Everyone gets a trophy!! Oh shittles, there’s no trophy stores!! We NEED A TROPHY STORE – A REAL COMPLETE TROPHY STORE!!!

  18. When I moved into the neighborhood fifty years ago of course there was nothing like a supermarket anywhere around. Now, after decades of metastasizing gentrification choked by battalions strollers — guess what? No supermarket! Shame on Vornado and any others responsible for this ridiculous situation.

    • Is Vornado in the supermarket business? I’d love for a Starbucks to rent out a space in the commercial space of my building, but that’s Starbucks decision not mine or my buildings or any tenant association. If you want a supermarket in a particular space then put together a business plan and financing and go before the city and unfortunately, a tenant ASSociation or STFUP!