Rolling out the (artificial) green carpet

Pier 40 is getting a new field: the old turf has been removed, the drainage will be repaired, and if all goes as planned, new turf will be down by the end of March. Of course, this is weather dependent: a few big snow storms may alter plans.

The fill is “virgin rubber,” the more expensive and non-toxic version of crumb rubber used as filler for turf (which is softer than sand, the alternative fill). A big perk: The fields will now have four baseball dugouts, two of which will be rehabbed and two that are new ones sponsored by Councilman Corey Johnson, in whose district Pier 40 falls. All very exciting news for sports fans.



  1. Where and how was the old field material disposed of?? (There is no regular real recycling of these fake fields in the US). And “virgin rubber” is still generally a synthetic product and still creates massive plastic pollution (along with the plastic carpet component). And we now know there are PFAS chemicals in the plastic carpeting as well. Not to mention the heat generated by these artificial fields (often hotter than asphalt.)