Nosy Neighbor: What’s the latest on Bogardus Garden?

This is the fourth Nosy Neighbor post on Bogardus, which makes sense since it’s been two years and two months since contractors broke ground on the site. The latest query from P.: “I’m curious if you have an update on Bogardus Plaza. I attempted to talk to the foreman on site the other day but oddly he wouldn’t speak to me even though he seemed available.”

I am beginning to think that the construction at Bogardus Plaza is like a game of Red-Light-Green-Light: whenever you turn your back there is a small amount of progress, but whenever you are looking, everything is still. I am hoping that, like in the game, the finish will sneak up on us, but for now, it sure looks still.

In November, the Department of Transportation reported that the sidewalk on the perimeter of the plaza would be constructed and the water main and sanitary sewer connections under the plaza would be completed. They are still aiming for a spring 2020 finish.

A more detailed update came from Victoria Weil, the president of the Friends of Bogardus Plaza, which is running its annual winter appeal right now: The estimated completion date for much of the hardscape (pavers, concrete, sidewalks, etc) is in March, since most of the digging is complete. In January, the contractors will start on the platform of plastic lumber and add lighting and an irrigation system. The plantings can go in come spring.

The finished plaza will have 22 tables, 80 chairs, 55 feet of benches and a 100-year-old clock honoring (the original) James Bogardus.



  1. It’s gonna look nice when it’s done. Kudos on the construction not being intrusive in terms of pedestrian navigation.

  2. It’s amazing (and cause of suspicion) that it has taken so long for a remodel of a relatively small public park. Skyscrapers take less. What is really going on?

  3. It took 1 year and 45 days to build the Empire State Building.