10 Corso Como restaurant closed … for now?

The restaurant at 10 Corso Como — which I just covered as a New Kid on the Block in an attempt to catch up with some newish newcomers — was closed for the holidays and seems to be closed indefinitely. The website has been wiped of any info on the chefs or menus, and the answering machine is full. The folks at the store did not know when it would reopen and said that for now, it is only open for private events. No word from the email on the sign out front either, but the interior looks just the same…



  1. The food at 10 Corso Como was quite good and I hope they reopen in the Spring, but the space itself is far too large. I think they would succeed with a smaller footprint. Maybe the space they give up could be used by another restaurant with a different cuisine.

  2. Completely agree with Luis, split it up and provide a different food type.

    Oh how I miss the margarites of RED or the salads at Cubana.