Another one bites the dust: Gristedes to close in BPC

Gristedes’ “Store 70” at 71 South End Ave. and West Thames will close on Jan. 28, the latest in what seems like a citywide shuttering of supermarkets. Thanks to J. for the tip; the Gristedes real estate parent, Red Apple Group, confirmed the date and added this:
“Our owner, John, owns the real estate, so any changes will still be up to our discretion. We will be looking to remodel; whether it be a remodel of the grocery store, or a repurpose of the store, John will make sure that it works best in that space and for the community.”

John is of course John A. Catsimatidis, the Greek immigrant billionaire owner of Gristedes Foods as well as Red Apple Group, which holds the real estate and runs an aviation company and an oil refinery in Pennsylvania among other things. (I love how Red Apple assumed I was on a first-name basis with Catsimatidis, and I guess they were right.)

In a story in The Times, Catsimatidis points out that not only has rent gone up since he started in the business in the ’70s (from 2 percent of sales to 10 or 12 percent) but street vendors now dip into profits and worse, so does the proliferation of drugstores. Citywide there are almost 600 CVSs and Duane Reades that all sell milk, bread, even some produce.

I had begun to think of Tribeca as a food desert, but of course the neighborhood does not truly compare to real deserts like those in the South Bronx. While we do fall below the City Planning Standard Ratio, if you study the maps below, and it certainly feels dry (the advent of Cocoon at the Best Market space proves that as a collective we have not recovered from the closing of Food Emporium Best Market in October of 2018) there are options here where in some neighborhoods there are none. I could get with the program and grocery shop at Target (just can’t seem to bring myself to do it) but we also have Whole Foods and of course Morgan’s and Amish for emergencies, and depending on where you live, Gourmet Garage on Franklin, Trader Joe’s on Spring, Gristedes at Maiden Lane, the Wall Street Whole Foods on its way, and Key Food on Fulton. (What am I missing?)

I’d like to think there’s still the space and the market — especially in Tribeca — for a real grocery store, but if it’s not coming from Catsimatidis, I’m not sure who can pull it off. TJ’s, can you come just a bit farther south?






  1. The Financial District is one of the few neighborhoods where supermarket options are growing. The last few years have seen the opening of the two level Fulton Market on Fulton, Eataly at 4 WTC and the AWESOME two level City Acres at Cedar & Pearl. Jubilee on John & Gold closed for about 6 weeks a few years back for a full gut renovation and is also a great option. It will be joined next year by the opening of Whole Foods at One Wall Street and I have no doubt that a Trader Joe’s will follow one day soon. TJ’s SHOULD open at 25 Park Row! p.s. There is also a Gristedes on Maiden Lane, but that one will close once Catsimatidis finds another tenant to take over his lease. Not many will miss it when it’s gone. The other options in the neighborhood are far better, but for now it is yet another option.

    • Tipping my cap to Jubilee as well! I work near there and it is actually fairly priced and has a great selection of Asian offerings.

      Also tipping my cap to Gourmet Garage on Franklin. My “home” store, and while sometimes a bit pricier, a great produce selection and friendly staff!

      Shop local when you can!

  2. There are actually TWO Gristedes in South Battery Park within a few blocks of each other, which never made any sense to us! This is welcomed news. The store is tiny and smelly and always seemed full of expired food. We only went there in emergencies. We just hope something useful moves in that is NOT a dry cleaner which we have on every block already!

  3. This is so 2010’s. Grocery delivery is now the number one source of food for high-end new yorkers… there isnt food desserts existing in the world of new york city. most take SNAP so even all citizens can benefit from delivery!

  4. That store is horrible. Terrible prices, and as the comment above says, there were two Gristedes in SBPC. We’ve gone to Target and Whole Foods on Greenwich in Tribeca just to get decent, fair-priced produce, meat, and pantry items, then take the Downtown Connection shuttle to get all our groceries back. Kind of a hassle, but we also do delivery too. Battery Park Market, while overpriced, remains my favorite grocery in the area in a pinch. It would be great to see a restaurant or coffee shop go into this space, SBPC needs more of both.

    • Fully agree. This market has a perverse cost/quality ratio. We will surely not miss it. The Battery Place Market has gone down in quality and service, too. Have noticed that there was a 3M USD transaction in commercial space in that building just a few weeks ago, so wondering what will be next there..
      South BPC really would require the market to bring some reasonable grocery and restaurant options. Otherwise, we’ll keep on Amazon Prime’ing and Walmart’ing..

  5. I will not shop at any supermarket chain unless it first stands before the IP tenant’s association tribunal (no matter where in the city it is located). Any potential supermarket chain must submit their representatives for review. They will then be stripped naked (not optional) and required to stand motionless as oddly hostile tenant associators cross examine their plans until they are broken souls and agree to all of the tenant’s association’s foot stomping. It’s only fair, since they lived through 9/11, thus deserve a supermarket within a three minute walk of their rent stabilized apartments with great views of the city that block my potential for a great view of the river. Not bitter.

    • We get it – you’re a pro-Trump anti-below market apartment building jerk who must’ve been told to ef off by someone in the IPNTA years ago. Still sore you couldn’t get an apartment in the complex sweetie? When literally anyone could’ve snagged one 1975 through I’ll say as late as 1995.

      Who are you anyway? Besides some snarky older dude who uncannily used to be the king of identifying places in TriBeCa on here.

      Bottom line is no IPN no TriBeCa as you all know it including you, Trump Boy.

    • Jim, You completely miss the issues and concerns with IP. There are 4 registered sex offenders and numerous ex cons living in these buildings. The Tenant Association and management are totally incompetent and unwilling to confront this.. My husband and I learned of these people a few months after moving in. We are now planning on leaving as we have young children. The supermarket is the least of our concerns. Wish that more tenants would be active to make sure these apartments can be safe.

      • Is this for real?! Why doesn’t the rest of the neighborhood show the same kind of outrage about IP housing sex offenders and ex-cons to counter the feigned outrage constantly on display from the IP tenant’s association?

        Jim & Kathy, please keep the neighborhood posted on any imminent plans to tear down these towers. It’s not just about improved views, the towers as an eye-sore, or multiple city blocks turning into a ghost town in an otherwise vibrant neighborhood.

        • Oh my goodness! Tear down the towers? Wow you people are over dramatic aren’t you?
          I do not recognize a lot of the people living in TriBeCa anymore. I suggest you study up on the Brutalism style of architecture …it might add some perspective. The buildings are spacious, and the views are lovely. Loads of very lovely, hard working people live in these towers. Take a deep breath.

  6. John A. Catsimatidis supports Trump. He a cool guy now, TriBeCa Citizen? Bleep him.

  7. This page used to be cool and have some fun debates, now many are politically backed, or with a snarky twinge and end up with crappy comments like this thread.
    Can we bring back the old owner please.

    Make Tribeca Citizen Great Again

  8. Why does TC keep censoring my comments.

    Are they scared?